Skjorn SIlverblood

Who Am I...

A mercenary, a lycanthrope, call me whatever…

Romantic Interests

Strong females

My Story Is...

Back in my human days I was an A-List mercenary. I killed, threatened, beat, you name it. For the right price I’d do it. Eventually a friend o’ mine hired me to beat this one poor sap that owed him some money. Thing is, he failed to mention the guy was a werewolf. Now I had killed beasts like that before but this one was huge. I drew my sword but I wasn’t quick enough. Bastard tore into my steel armored shoulder like it was tin. Before it could do anymore serious damage I used my long sword, silver by the way, and killed the beast. I wouldn’t have made it after that though if it weren’t for the transformation. Now I wander Hellifyno search for merc work. Sometimes I do my own thing.

My Appearance

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A silver long sword, wolfs bane, a few shillings

My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell them?

I Believe...

That everyone has a price