Skrimir Silverhide

My Story Is...

I am Skrimir, a blooded member of the Silverhide clan of lycans, bound by old era ways of the Silverhides.


My people were originally a race of humans, a non-threatening force who survived off of the lands in the Southern Continent and made our way of life in farming fields and crafting weapons that we sold to neighboring communities. We were a simple race, determined, trust worthy, strong but not so powerful that we let our power get to our heads. Our women were dancers, our men farmers, blacksmiths, miners. We enjoyed alcohol, freshly cooked food, both meat and baked goods.


Perhaps we enjoyed it too much, but that was the way of our lives.


One day, our home came under attack by the evil forces that ruled over the majority of the Southern Continent, demons that ravaged and burned our homes to the ground, that raped our women, murdered our children and enslaved the men who were not yet old enough to take up arms but were strong enough to work in their mines or homes as blood slaves, food sources and other vile forms of service.


At that point in time, I had only just taken my oaths as a man of thirteen years. I was to receive training that would put me on the path to a career in my home town. Unfortunately, I found myself in the clutches of a demon clan along with my father’s family. Several years passed for us. We were beaten and forced to work the mines.


My mother and sister had been split from my father and I. My father had only died a year before when he, along with a small group of men from another village, tried standing their ground in fighting the demon scum who had perpetrated the attacks on my village.


Stubborn, ruthless, I wanted no part in any of it. During the earlier days of my slavery, I was beaten without mercy for going against the word of my would-be masters. To this day, I still have regret that I did not stand with my father but if I had, I would not be here today.


A Silverhide force who were at war with the demons during this time sparked the seeds of rebellion that rescued the rest of my family who were kin to the werewolves just south of my village.


My mother and sister, finally safe from the demons in the area, were safe and I fought valiantly against the demons that had taken us slavery in the name of my father, alongside the lycans. It wasn’t until they began their move onward that I made the decision to seek an audience with Marik, the alpha of the Silverhides.


I wanted to be one of them, to bask in their powers, to fight for Hellifyno and for their home the same as they had for mine. Approved, because of both my strength and my abilities on the field of battle, I was blooded in, not by Marik but by one of the other Silverhides who had been in the phalanx unit that I had fought alongside.


I have been a member of the Silverhides since then.

My Appearance

My appearance is that of a man in his early twenties for that is what I am. Long, somewhat curly dirty blonde hair, a beard of a much darker brown chest nut coloring. Eyes of steel gray coloring. In recent years, I have let my body evolve with the gift of the Silverhide magic.


It’s hard not to find scars littered over my flesh but scars are trophies, great miracles borne from the field of battle in pursuit of protecting the Silverhide name and glory.


In lycan form, my body easily weighs almost seven hundred pounds. It stands at a vicious eight foot tall height. My fur is shaggy, of chest nut coloring with occasional blonde highlights and dark plumage. In traditional Silverhide fashion, a streak of the color is glazed over my spine from neck all the way down to the tip of my tail.


I primarily use my homid form in public, social situations and my lupine when there is trouble or battle at hand.