Lisette the Cat

Intro Video


Voiced By: Emma Watson

My Story Is...

The cat was not born, no, this cat was created.


Fire and magic. Magic and fire. Spirits and bones. Bones and spirits.


With a glowing purple fire the withered hand glowed faintly with a white light as energy flowed into the fire. Next a gravely voice began chanting a spell to summon spirits and command their actions.


Come forth spirits of Chaos! Spirits of the Night! Fill this flame with power. With mystery and deception! Give this flame cunning and wits!


The moaning and groaning of lost souls filled the dilapidated cabin as they flowed into the purple flame, sparking it to burn higher and hotter


“Ah the final step… the final step… the final step…” With trembling hands the old and withered wizard picked up a sack filled with various cat bones, at least five full cats in one sack.


“My lovely…my Lisette…you will come back to me…LISETTE!!” With a flourish of cloth the sack was dumped into the glowing violet flames.


The flames ate away at the bones the flame soon sputtering out pitifully as if the spell had failed.


“NO! No!” The wizard yells in anguish over the ash pile, Lisette had been his prized cat… or at least five different cats had been.  So the wizard was immensely grief stricken that he was unable to bring them back as one. “My Lisette…”


The old wizard did not get up from the floor that night, no… He laid curled up beside the ashes of his former cats. It was here that the withered man would fall asleep, though this was not a sleep he would wake up from. He used too much energy and magic on the spell, he was spent.



But with a flicker…a spark of light…movement of the ashes. With a deafening yowl a single cat leaped out of the ashes, black and sleek with a white tipped tail and white socks on her two front paws, Lisette was resurrected, but with magical abilities.


The cat didn’t notice the wizard as she left, hopping out of a window with a lavender flame on the tip of her tail illuminating her. And with that Lisette was free to roam.

My Appearance

Image result for fakemon ghost type eeveeSize: Lisette is a rather large black house cat with enormous ears. While sitting she is three feet tall, when standing she is a foot tall. Her tail is is two feet in length.


Coloration: Lisette is a black cat with a white tipped tail and white “socks” on her front paws. The fur inside her enormous ears is a deep purple color. Her eyes are a light violet with a gradient into a dark purple..


Fur: A majority of her fur is short, but the fur along her neck is much longer and scruffier.


Oddities: There is a permanent flame upon the end of her tail which is a light blue to lavender in color. Her face is covered by a skull with two protrusions sticking out like whiskers. These protrusions work just like whiskers.