Skylar Grey Heartson (+ Jupiter)


Don’t mind me I’m just a fire fox…

Who Am I...

Skylar Grey Heartson

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Relationship Status

Mated and Married to Pacific Bull <3

My Story Is...

Sky was young she is a very sweet, kind, caring, somewhat shy. Sky was born with her mom and dad but then when she was growing up at the age of 5 her dad started drinking so he beat her. At the age of 8 her dad started cheating on her mom…Sky is a person that doesn’t like to be hurt or hurt people, she just wants to make people happy and smile. Sky loves to make friends and play around. Sky afraid of what people will think of her, but she has a great confidence and determined. Even if Sky is upset she won’t show it she’ll always keep a smile on her face she will only spill out to the ones she trust.

Pacific Bull is the best wife i could ever have!! She is the most beautiful most sexiest shark wife i could ever have. She are the stars of my dark sky~

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Extra clothes

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I Believe...

Everyone is nice