Abigail S/Mikayla L-M

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Who Am I...

Abigail The Neko Of Dauntless/Mikayla The Clan Owner

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating Sliver (Mikayla) Single (Abigail)

My Story Is...

Abigail’s Story:

Born to The Pinkadow Family,My Father was Very Abusive and he took in a bottle of champagne every night before coming to tuck me in.It only took him a few years before he killed my mother Amelia Skymoon.Alida and Andrew started to clash after her death and as for me,I had to watch this from the ocean cause he had thrown me in the water and I ended up at the shores of A distant place called Persistence Red Sun.This is around the Time I met my first mother in 6 years:Raven Singetail who took care me for a couple years and then my sister Pandora took me as her own and which I took the title of Neko Of Water & Light.

Mikayla’s Story

After Witnessing Her Mother Being Shot and Killed by Her Only Brother,Her Older sister-Alida placed her in a basket and sent her off to the only place they could-Swan 6 but she ended up in Persistence,Where she met her First step-father:Alerin Deindrath who spent at least 3 years with her in the old world before returning to Red sun where he died passing his Child to her God Father:Senshi Haiksuru and her first Step Mother:Ayane Hakisuru.Once those two died-Mikayla and Her Step Brother-Kaji spit there father’s Clan into 2-The Hakisuru Clan and The Leontine Clan which then Mikayla would Join her sister-Abigail’s Family while being adopted by Anna Marie…

My Appearance

Abigail’s Looks

Mikayla’s Looks


-Scrolls (Mikayla)

My Secrets Are...

My Full Name Is Abigail Kathy Pinkadow-Singetail and I Fight with A Trident


I Believe...

There is Lighten Hope For All!