Illy Hadley

Intro Video


~*Illy’s Family*~

Mother:Lizzy Belle (Alive)

Uncle:Ice Coldstone (Deceased)

Cousin:Bella Skymoon-Coldstone (Alive)

Cousin:Selenne Coldstone (Adopted in 20XX)

2nd Cousin:Star Kit (Born in 20XX)

Cousin:Kat Coldstone (Adopted in 20XX)

Father:Christopher Hadley (Alive)

Sister:Jada Hadley (Alive)

Brother In-Law:John Brahm (Alive)

Nephew:Romeo Brahm (Alive

Brother:Steve Hadley (Alive)

Niece:Emma Hadley (Alive)

Niece:Millie Hadley (Alive)

Spouse:Leon “Vindett” Hadley [La’Ruschev] (Alive)

Daughter:Mabel Hadley (Alive)

Who Am I...

Illy The Lordress Of Jadia Bay

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Leon Vindett La'Ruschev {Hands off him}

My Story Is...

As a Child, Illy grew up as Skymoon Blood under the teachings of her father to control her magics and assist in raising her younger slibbings.

She evenutally got one of her mother’s cat’s kitten who she rightfully named Gene.

Now she searches for a schooling and a life beyond what her mother was able to accomplish, now meeting her future husband during the war

My Appearance

~*Illy’s Bio*~

Birth Name:

Illy “Skyla” Hadley


Years Lived:24

Date Of Birth:March 28th

Type:Wolf,Human Hybrid

Magikcraft:Harvest and Ethereal

~*General Looks*~


Hair Pigmentation:Orange

Hair Cut:Short, Tied in a Ponytail

Eye Pigmentation:Green

Eyelashes Cut:Short


White Sweater with Detached Shelves

Jean Pants with Weaponry Case Belt

White Socks

Running Shoes





~*Backpack Belonging to Illy*~

*Shiftable Weaponry Case

*Jadia Bay Belt Commucations

My Secrets Are...

That I don’t have a hate or love relationship with anyone not even my Uncle

I Believe...

That some people are misunderstood or mistaught