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Kaia was a minor goddess, the daughter of Aesculapius, the god of healing, whose staff, with a snake coiled round it, is symbolic of the practice of medicine. Their Greek equivalents were Aklepios and Hygeia. Her role in the pantheon was to feed and care for her father’s sacred snakes and act as his assistant. She was worshipped as being responsible for the welfare, not just of individuals, but of the people as a whole. Her name in Greek and Roman comes down to us in such words as ‘hygiene,’ ‘salve’ and ‘salubrious,’ and even ‘salute’ and ‘safe.

Although she was a minor goddess, at one time Kaia had a temple on the Quirinal hill, which was dedicated by the censor C. Junius Bubulcus. Later, during the Empire, the Arval Brotherhood (a college of senior priests) used to make annual sacrifices for the welfare of the Emperor, to the Capitoline triad of major deities and also to Kaia. There was a statue to Kaia in the temple of Concordia, according to Pliny; and she had an annual festival on 30th March.




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