I mainly rp as Joker. Sometimes his right hand man Jonny Frost (blonde, Catholic sharpshooter and all around handyman.)

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

pansexual, polyamourous

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Get to know me and you’ll find out…

My Appearance

I am thin, under weight and am 6’4″ tall. I have deep set sunken green eyes that are always rimmed with dark circles. My lips are thin and my cheeks are scarred with a Glasgow smile. I have messy green hair that is short and sticks up in all different directions (when it grows out it is wavy/curly). I have a few tattoos (a monkey riding a unicycle with cymbols on my lower right side, a drunken clown with a bottle of whiskey on my left back shoulder, and a hand in the shape of a gun on my front right hip  with a ribbon that says “devils right hand”). Sometimes I have track marks and bruises on my arms. The only thing well taken care of are my nails which are never longer than a centimeter.


a silver cigarette case with twelve hand rolled filterless cigarettes

a book of matches

a Colt Anaconda Revolver

a switchblade

a high voltage hand zapper

a mini water gun with LSZ

chatter teeth gas bombs filled with Smilex toxin (euphoria, increased heart rate, and restriction of throat)

Gold rimmed faded Aviator sunglasses

rose gold watch

key ring with various keys

zip ties

laser pen

I Believe...

all it takes is just one bad day.