Malcom Veron

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Just a normal human, nothing special about me

Romantic Interests

Ain't got time for that

Relationship Status

Single as a pringle

My Story Is...

Not much to tell, grew up near one of the biggest star ports in consequence. Mom and dad ran a mix of a hotel and repair shop. I learned quite a few things from both of my parents, mom taught me how to cook and take care of myself, dad taught me all about ships and other mechanics. Left Hellifyno with Capt’n Kurai Kishimoto during the last void invasion, had no reason to stay when everyone you knew got wiped out by a primordial force.

My Appearance

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 180 ibs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Complexion: Fair

Build: Muscular/Athletic


jeff joker moreau citadel by brinx-II on DeviantArt

Jeff joker Moreau by brinx-II on @DeviantArt | Mass effect ...


Clothing, jump suit, mechanic suit, data pad, cellphone, currency, mechanical tools,
Plasma Torch- Used for wielding and quick make shift repairs.

Sci-Fi Plasma Torch : blender

Plasma Cutter- Used for cutting away damaged pieces of ships, mining, other crafting and tinkering jobs.

latest (927×641) | Dead space, Weapon concept art, Concept art



I Believe...

In working hard and getting paid for it