Who Am I...

Gradus, independent shard of the Grand Shade Collective.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am but a piece of a great collective of shades sent to gather blood for the Grand Shade. My being is of no real consequence, as reintegrating with the Grand Shade removes all sense of consciousness. I am but one mind of many, and that many is one, yet strange things have been occurring. The use of the word “I” being the most puzzling, it was not long ago that I called myself “We” and even the concept of individuality was so foreign that even now I struggle to grasp such things as ownership, personal space, and the will to survive as one’s self.

My Appearance

An amorphous, sentient creature composed of shadow and blood. Typically at a height between five to seven feet tall, piercing amber(Aquamarine when startled or angered) eyes, translucent dark gray body shaped in a very simple humanoid silhouette. Sports very small bat wings, viciously sharp claws, and body tapers down to a thin tail that links with whatever shadow it happens to be attached to at the time.


5 gallons of blood.

My Secrets Are...

My mind is still fresh, and thus holds no secrets.