Intro Video


My names Snow, I want to start a new Wof rp.

Who Am I...

I'm Snowstorm the Ice/NightWing

Romantic Interests

Currently not with anyone (irl)// Mated in Wof

My Story Is...

I’m a runaway from a queen who has 6 hatchlings and I murdered my sister before she hatched.

My Appearance

Her body looks a lot like a RainWing build, and the reason that is because Snow’s father was in a RainWing form when the “deed” was done, even though he was NightWing. Snow’s body is a dark grey, she was a light grey underbelly, and some blue mixed in between the dark and light grey. Her tear drop scale is also blue, so it does look like she’s crying. She had a genetic mutation, causing her to have four wings instead of two and her back spines look like IceWing spines, but are more spread out, like NightWing spines. She has spines on her tail as well. The undersides of her wings are a reverse NightWing, with black stars and a white backround, the top side of her wings is the light grey like her under belly.


In my pouch I keep, My healing stones, and a few small snacks

My Secrets Are...

Ask and I’ll tell you everything.

I Believe...

That I shall be the next IceWing Queen