Ame Moisuto

Who Am I...

My name is Ame moisuto and I am only 8 years old

Romantic Interests

If you count fluffy toys and animals my romantic interest then, i have one

My Story Is...

When I was 6 my parents were in an accident and I have been living with relatives for the past year. However these relatives are negligent and don’t show much affection towards me, so instead I end running away a lot, I always end up coming back. There’s no way I could actually leave.

During my experiences on the street I’ve learnt how to protect myself against strangers. I’m still weak but I’m fast. I stay away from the people who I think are bad, and those I know are good, even if they look bad.

My Appearance

long brown wavy hair that goes to her waist, purple eyes a freckle covered face, button nose and slightly pointed ears.

Has a birth mark on her lower back that almost looks like a lamb.


always has her toy named Kiko

My Secrets Are...

I keep a box with all my treasures in a tree that’s at a nearby forest