Solandis Octavian


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Not all Giovanni are bad. Just some of them and my father’s got a pretty bad rep.. You should see my grandfather’s.


Solandis Irredia Octavian

Name: Solandis Irredia Octavian

Nicknames: Landis, Dis, Sol, Edi


DOB: June 17, 2019


Birth Place: Undisclosed Location

Current Location: Undisclosed

Education: Nothing yet since she is still just starting off in this world

Occupation: She aspires to rule the world one pack of cigarettes at a time and with rock music, much to her parents’ dismay

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Vices: Drinking, cigarettes, blood, The Void, sex (don’t tell mom and dad)

Sex: Bisexual

Romance: -No one yet-



My Appearance:

Height; 5 Feet 3 Inches.

Weight/Body; 125 lbs/Athletic dancer.

Skin; Very pale.

Hair; Dark brown or sometimes black

Eyes; Blue like her father’s, though sometimes changes depending on her mood and what she wears.



Tattoos/Piercings; Tattoos in the future, piercings too.




M, Mother. F, Father. S, Step. H, Half. G, Great. A, Aunt. U, Uncle, B, Brother. S, Sister. F/MC, Female/Male Cousin.




[F] Augustus Octavian

[M] Kage-Hime Octavian





Romulus Bloodwalker (Don’t ask)

Venus under the guise of Atia Balba Caesonia



Extended Family and Siblings;

The Greek and Roman Pantheon

Brothers and Sisters –

Unknown x3

Lamora Acardi

Lilliana Rousseau

Asterin Octavian

Amirah Octavian

(There are dozens more)

Who Am I...

child of Augustus Octavian and Kage-Hime Octavian

Romantic Interests


My Appearance

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