Onyx / Azazel Solmorte

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When name is in Yellow it’s Onyx when it is red it’s Azazel

the reaper

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Who Am I...

Onyx Solmorte a Black Reaper Phoenix/Azazel the Blood Phoenix of Korrath.

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My Story Is...

Onyx and Azazel the twin sons of a white phoenix and a black phoenix.

Onyx was killed during a war with the dameons of his world Korrath. Onyx was sent to Hellifyno by the order during his rebirth. He is a reaper warrior and will defend those that are innocent.  He is 3765 years old and in his 15th life. Tainted by Azazel’s blood on his tenth life during their fight.

Azazel was Onyx’s twin brother that was kidnapped by the leader of the Vampire Daemons He looked like Onyx but with black hair.  He was killed by Onyx but Azazel causes his soul to go into his blood and tainted Onyx when he stabbed the dagger covered in his blood through Onyx’s right hand.

Onyx revived Azazel using his blood and now Azazel is now known as a blood Phoenix with Vampire strengths but none of their weaknesses.

My Appearance



Blonde hair

Golden fire eyes

Black reaper Phoenix of Korrath




Black Hair

Blood Red fire eyes

Former black phoenix turned to a Vampire Daemon



Human form portrayed by Dominic Sherwood and Ace Samurai from FF type 0


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Related image

Black phoenix form.

The runes

Grey book runes- Shadowhunters

Grey book runes- Shadowhunters

Elven Runes.Eltharin is the ancient language of the Elves. Eltharin was developed many millennia ago in a time when humans where still uttering primitive grunts and had yet to develop written language. In a similar manner to Khazalid (the language of the Dwarfs), it has remained almost unchanged for thousands of years. Elven writing is based on a series of runes which differ depending on the dialect, and in a manuscript, each rune flows together...


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Zar’roc the dragon killer.

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Phoenix blade

Fire bow

Soul sword

Flame Katana

The blood of Azazel and his weapon

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My Secrets Are...

Oh wouldn’t you like to know?

I Believe...

in nothing and that the world should burn.