Solveig Houlegate

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Alduin and Solveig.


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Who Am I...

Solveig Houlegate viking shield maiden

Romantic Interests

Only for my King Alduin

Relationship Status

Blood bonded to Alduin Rhaegar Nightscythe

My Story Is...

Solveig is a viking shield maiden. She travels the world with a bunch of Vikings but one Viking caught her eye and that was the leader Alduin Rhaegar Nightscythe. She worked really hard to let her into his hardened heart. But one day she was successful, now they are bound together by blood. She is a young Vampyre Dragon so a perfect match for him.

My Appearance

shieldmaid lagertha - Lagertha Lothbrok photo (37873593) - fanpop

Who is Lagertha Lothbrok dating? Lagertha Lothbrok partner, spouse

Lagertha Lothbrok - Rain : armoredwomen





Two 27″ full Tang Blades War and Blood

Her weapons are cloaked to give the impression of being unarmed

She is a powerful vampyre dragon