Mira Senai


Being a bunny sucks. You’re so vulnerable that sometimes some people will try to take advantage…


and I let them





(Feel free to PM any of the Senai writer(s), and they will happily answer any questions. But, seriously they enjoy answering questions. Even if they seem idiotic)

Who Am I...

Just a naughty little bunny in need of punishment

Romantic Interests

preferably guys.. but I can work with gals

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Let’s skip the pleasantries… and get to the action



(Yes, Mira has a story.. sort of. It’s still in the making. Most importantly, her family. Sogeki and Kira Senai are her grandparents. Koro Senai is her mother. Shia and Kieron Senai are her uncles )

My Appearance

Mira is a blonde girl with bunny ears and a cotton tail. Her outfit will change often, although, it usually shows a lot of skin, and barely a stretches over her fairly large bust and slightly curvy hips. The blonde hair goes down to her mid back, and her eyes change color very often. The color of her eyes changes at random, and will swap to a random different color.


Eh, everything she needs is normally within reach

My Secrets Are...

Maybe.. if you can force it out.. I’ll tell you

I Believe...

your life, weather it be short or long, should be spent with pleasure