Leah Blossom

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Aderla “Sophia” Roslyn



DOB:November 27th

Species:Fairy,Wolf & Human Hybrid

Magic: Toxic & Gust

Weapon Of Choice:

Dejection Blades

Who Am I...

The Head Scientist For The Hageshi Clan

Romantic Interests

Girls & Boys

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The Merging Of The Pinkadow Twins

I was not born like a “Normal Child”. I was created from the Dead two bodies of Alida & Andrew Pinkadow as I am a very weak Magic user

Becoming a Blossom

I barely Remember being adopted by Vistori The Pixie,As it was a odd and different time for me them as i was only a child then

Making The Dejection Blades

Around when I was 15,i created the Dejection Blades so if in battle. I can take there blood and safely storage it as the blade has many Vitals.

Project E326

With The Help Of Aliza and Cassindra and 2 fine Warriors,I am now creating my child from the Blood of Sarah Pheonix’s & My Own-Adrienne Blossom

Birth Of Little Adrienne Blossom

Now with the project finished I now have a child of my own to love from the blood of Sarah Pheonix, properly reunting myself with the Skymoon Dynasty

My Appearance


Red Eyes

Brown Hair

Work Clothes:White Dress,Lab Clothes

Causal Clothes:White Tank Top,Demon Jean Skirt,Black Tights,Blue Socks,Sneakers-Red Colored


Dejection Blade

My Secrets Are...

Why would I have secrets when I working on Project A236 & M577

I Believe...

A Job can give you happiness if you are determined to work for what u want