Experiment Zeta

Who Am I...

Several Species rolled in to one

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

What will this form in to!? You’ll have to interact with it to find out!

Day One.

The sample has already been moved from a simple Petri Dish to a cylinder. Records show these cells have been exposed to alcohol, as well as Humanoid and Reptilian DNA. We are interested to see what these cells consume and evolve in to next.


Day two.

Subject was removed from the Petri Dish and placed in to a Maturation Chamber.

More DNA has been successfully extracted thanks to the maturation chamber. Records show there is at least Human, Fox and Wood Nymph DNA. One of these samples seemed to show regenerative capabilities and these have been assimilated by the growing cell cluster.


Day Three.

Accelerated Growth has been displayed. Electrical stimulation from the Maturation Chamber has proved useful in growing the cells a more Humanoid shape, thus a cover has been placed over the chamber.

Additional Note. A Humanoid Teenager has been expressing a fondness for the developing embryo. Reasons are unknown but would be worth exploring further.


Day ??

We have no idea what day it is after a strange moment of losing data and our lives only to be brought back and killed again. This was most disorientating.

Subject seems to have left the maturation chamber, seemingly taking on a Nymph-esk appearance. The subject is also beginning to learn the world around it, and is getting to know the local populous. So far the subject has spoken most with the Trade Lord, Sassy and a reptilian called Lily, but it is early days with Lily.