• The Four Astronauts •

Intro Video

My Story Is...


” Red ”

Among Us Art. 90 Best fan art

He’s the oldest of the group and the leader he’s experienced in various fields of education and skills he puts up with his brothers antics and mischief he loves bears and has a collection of bear plushes in his room he’s got a short temper as well.

” Blue ”

Realistic Among Us Blue Astronaut

He’s the quiet one of the group he’s also in charge of the finances and is the second he also loves bunnies and has pictures and plushes of bunnies in his room as well as a pet scorbunny he’s a melee weapon expert he loves his brothers dearly.

” Yellow”

Pin image

He’s very sadistic and skilled with anything chemical and electrical though he’s very loving to his brothers and nice people but comes up with ways to torture bad people he also loves Foxes and has a few plushes of foxes and a few pet foxes he loves bacon too.


Pin image he’s very smart as well as being a tinkerer with machines and technology he’s reserved around people other than his brothers he also love wolves and has a plush of one and a wolf pup as a pet.


My Appearance

Red’s pet


Blue’s pet


Yellow’s pet


Green’s pet

Midday Form


Red’s weapon


Blue’s weapon

M249 SAW

Yellow’s weapon

Walfas Custom - TF2 AWPer Hand

Green’s weapon

Revolver Brotherguard Highpoly

My Secrets Are...


  • Phobia of fire
  • Lonely
  • Gay
  • Loves bears
  • Ex boyfriend was a demon


  • Loves history mostly ww1 and ww2
  • Bacon and ham lover
  • Comic book enthusiast
  • Gemini


  • Insanely strong
  • Doesn’t speak much
  • Likes snuggles
  • Pokemon lover


  • Whiz with machines
  • Claustrophobic
  • Terrified of moths
  • Loves tanks