Who Am I...

More like what am I?

Romantic Interests

Whoever I decide.

My Story Is...

When I was little, someone said they found me by the sea wrapped up in seaweed and shells, I guess you could say I came from the sea. My mum told me that I was a very special girl, but I didn’t know what she meant until I was 16. When I turned 16, I felt pulled to the ocean. Like it was calling me home, I finally answered that call and found something more then I was prepared for…

My Appearance

My natural hair color is a medium brown, but I love pastel colors so I constantly dye it different. Right now it is pastel pink! My eye color on the other hand, is the color of the sea, ever changing with the tide. I have plump lips, often colored with natural colors but I’ve always been interested in exotic colors!

My Secrets Are...

Mine, duh?

I Believe...

We are harming the environment, and it's awful.