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Who Am I...

Neirda, daughter of a siren/merman.

Romantic Interests

Anybody really, as long as they protect the sea.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Nerida was the product of when a merman falls in love with a siren. Her mother was not like other sirens though, she mainly used her voice to keep people calm when they were drowning so she could bring them back to the surface. Once when her mother was swimming the water, she fell across a merman in trouble. Singing her song, she found out it had no effect on him and after fighting their love they eventually fell in love with each other. When Nerida was born, the sirens and mermaids were fighting over her so badly that there was only one thing for her parents to do. She was placed in an oversized shell, and floated to the shore. Once on shore, Nerida began to cry, bringing the attention of a couple walking down the beach. They later became her family. As she grew up Nerida always felt pulled towards the water, but her parents made sure she didn’t go there. They weren’t sure what she was, but they knew something was off about her. Around the age eleven, Nerida’s powers started showing up. It started with her siren song. Of course, being eleven, she had no idea what the song was. Only that whenever it happened she usually blacked out for a bit, but everyone around her seemed calm when she woke up. In high school, Nerida skipped class with some of her friends and they found themselves at the beach. Once again being called towards the water, and with nobody there to stop her, she went into the water. What happened next, changed her life forever. Minutes after being fully submerged in the water her entire body began changing. Her lungs grew to adapt the water, her legs fusing together, and her eyes changing to see better under the water. When she swam to the surface she was a completely different person. Ever since her first transformation, she has found herself being called to the water when it has been too long. She only changes into a mermaid in large bodies of water, no switching in a shower for her. Years past, Nerida is now twenty one, she can still turn into a mermaid, but she has been messing around with her siren powers lately. She found out, that when she goes into a trance it can find her water. She knows that if affects people, so she does try to use it only when she is alone. However, when there is someone there and she can sense them, she tends to have a bit of fun with them. The spell only lasts until she turns to her mermaid form, never been able to use her siren form yet, but perhaps one day.



My Secrets Are...

Mine, duh?

I Believe...

We are harming the environment, and it's awful.