Alison Afton

Intro Video


Where i stand is still a question im new to this world still and I’m for now I’m a protective lovable  bunny for kids how ever I become very aggressive if any of my family is hurt !

Who Am I...

Alison Glitch Trap Afton

Romantic Interests

Loving the man well robotic bunny of my dreams

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was created bye my fathers I’m the descendant of glitch trap and William Afton!

My Appearance

Female teenager Purple eyed  bunny with a crazy side to my self  love all people unless they harm me or my family


I live with glitch trap and Willam ive allways been there and allways wil be!

My Secrets Are...

I can be very shifty  where I’m Good then bad suddenly

I have a crush on….. sommeone…

I Believe...

The best way is my fathers way for doing things



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