Mina And Ina



Name(s): Mina & Ina

Age: 7 (Original ages: Mina- 8, Ina-9)

Sexuality: Pansexual (Mina) and bisexual (Ina)

Gender: Female, trans-female (Ina, deadname was Ian)



Mina- Very childish and immature, she doesn’t take most things seriously and has a tendency to get distracted. She’s excited over small things, and just a small happy girl overall. She’s also rather confident, not afraid to talk to others or do things that she probably shouldn’t.

Ina- Rather serious and mature for her age. She’s more serious, a lot less playful, and blunt. She’s always been straight to the point, and is consider brutality honest. She’s more shy and closed off compared to Mina, she’s a lot more paranoid too and will go off on rants about her fears.

Who Am I...

The body of a little girl who was violently murder, as well as the two spirits that now control her body.

Romantic Interests

Mina- Pansexual (Anyone, regardless of gender), Ina- Bisexual (Males and Females)

My Story Is...

*Mentions of death, homophobia, suicide, etc. will be present in this.*

It was the 5th of June in the year 1878, the middle of the Victorian era, as well as the 8th birthday of Melanie Smith, a small bling girl that would be murdered before she’s able to celebrate. She had long, matte black curls, as well as crystal blue eyes and pale skin. She wore the classic ‘rich’ getup, a long lilac dress with layer after layer, as well as white stockings and matching shoes. Her curls were in a bohemian braid type of style, two braids connected in the back with a small lilac ribbon, with the rest laying freely on her back. She was the daughter of two, rather wealthy, people; one a priest and the other, a stay-at-home mother. Her parents very also very religious, and absolutely hated the idea of her marrying or dating someone, other than a rich, Christian boy.  They had moved to American from London not long after Melanie’s 5th birthday, almost immediately placing her in the top private schools that they had to offer. This left her with a British accent, that would continue even after death. If her parents knew that their time together would end on her 8th birthday, they probably would’ve spent more time with her, not yelling or disciplining her but actually spending time with her. Not pushing their religion on her, or teaching her that having feelings for another girl in her class is wrong but, accepting her and appreciating the time they had left. No, she didn’t die from an illness, but from a hate crime but at that time, it wasn’t considered a hate crime at all.


She was sitting at the dinning room table as she waited for her mother to finish breakfast, she was wearing her normal attire except it was accompanied by a small purple bruise under her left eye. Her father was sitting not far, very so often looking up from the bible he was re-reading. He looked quite angered, but that’s normal. He had anger issues, and with a daughter that’s not only blind but homosexual, didn’t help with his issues much. She had already been hit once that day, but was still willing to see how far he’d go. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” She would say, her voice cracking ever so slightly from fear and sadness. Not longer after, the sound of skin being roughly hit by a hand could be heard, as well as the quiet sobs of a little girl that now had her father’s hand printed into her face. Her mother would come out of the kitchen, holding a few plates before sitting them down In front of each of them. “Its her birthday, sweetie. Try to stay calm, alright?” The older woman would say to the male, her hand on top of his as a way to stop him if he tried anything in the future. All that could be heard from Melanie’s side were a couple a sniffles her and there. She would wipe off any tears that fell from her eyes, even though she knew there would be others taking their places soon. “Now, let’s say our prays and get this over with, shall we?” The male’s voice would say, grabbing the hand of the mother, however he was a little hesitant to grab that of the little girls. They would all join hands, all closing their eyes except for one; Melanie. She just kept her head lowered to the table, not seeing a need for this when they could just eat instead, the food will get cold after all, now won’t it? Before they could even say their thanks, the sound of glass breaking and gunshots could be heard; leaving both parents dead, one laying on the ground, while the other was still propped up by/on the chair. Melanie small body was shaking violently, her hands and arms positioned in a way to ‘protect’ her face from the intruders, as she cried. True, she didn’t like either of her parents but, being hit and yelled at every so often was better than them being shot right in front of her. She pleaded and begged for her life to be spared, neither were complied however. Her arms were ripped from her face as a knife was swung, missing and hitting her nose instead; leaving a cut over the brim of it. The next time however, he didn’t miss; stabbing it right into her left temple. “Sinners don’t deserve to live.” Would be that last thing she heard before dying. Her killer was never found, but her spirit stayed there.


June 13rd, 1943. It was Ian Blake’s 9th birthday. He had short, copper colored hair, and light green eyes. As well as rather masculine clothing, to which he never liked. Not because of how it felt or looked, but because it just didn’t feel right.   He had been born with a vocal cord defect however, leaving him mute. Unlike Melanie, he was a very shy kid, very quiet (Not like he had a choice) and closed off. Him and his family had moved into a, rather old, Victorian styled house. Apparently it was over 50 years old, and only recently had they allowed it to be worked on then put back on the market after the murder that took place. It was him, his mother and father, as well as his grandfather and grandmother, and great-grandfather that all lived in the house. His great-grandfather was the son of a Japanese male and American mother, he also followed Japanese tradition. Most in his family did, not as traditional as an actual Japanese family would but they did respect the parts they didn’t follow. One tradition they follow had to do with mask, normally used to ward off evil spirts; which they hung up on the walls. Normally the mask were colored reds, whites, blacks, golds, and other traditional colors. There was one that wasn’t hung up however, and it wasn’t red either, that was her great-grandfathers, and that would also be his gift for her. It was a simple porcelain mask that was in the shape of a cat (Profile picture for shape, I couldn’t find a mask with similar markings however.), it also had lilac colored markings, that were the phases of the moon along the forehead. You’re probably wondering why I changed the pronouns now, right? Well, that’s because He didn’t want to be a he anymore. And the great-grandfather was the only one that accepted that. When I said that the clothing didn’t feel right, I meant that it didn’t feel right for the little girl that was placed in them. Now her parents didn’t accept this, thinking it was just a phase and that she will grow out of it; But she didn’t. They didn’t like the fact that their ‘little boy’ was finding interest in other boys as well. I think that’s enough of background detail, back to ‘present’ day now, shall we?


It was around noon, they had all already eaten lunch and were sitting in the living room, giving Ina (E-na)- Sorry, I mean Ian gifts. She had opened all the others, the last would be a small purple box, with a label that said ‘From Great-grandpa’. It would be the only box that was in her favorite color. She’d rip the box open, revealing a porcelain mask with lilac colored markings along it. Along the forehead would be the moon phases, and the eyes would be lined as well. It had eye holes and small holes for the nose, but there was no hole for the mouth, actually there was nothing that even indicated that a mouth was supposed to be there (Like lips). She had seen the mask before, except it used to be all white with red. She’d smile at her (great) grandfather, small tears forming in her eyes. No one has ever done something so nice to her. She would hug him, before putting it on and running around with some of her cousins. They started playing hide-and-seek, and she chose to hide in the attic. While she was up there however, the string on the mask broke; causing it to fall but she caught it. She found a small lilac ribbon there, and she used it to fix the mask, making it the new attachment mechanism. While she was hiding, she heard a little girls voice, at first thinking it was one of her cousins until remembering that her only female cousins had left earlier. The voice caused her to flinch, immediately looking over at the mask that had been sitting on a small table. There was a girl sitting next to it, she had blue eyes and black hair, as will as a very fancy attire. “‘Ello?” The girl would ask, a British accent making itself present as she looked around, could she not see her sitting right there? Its not like she could answer, so instead she tapped the girl’s shoulder. The black haired girl would look in the direction of Ian, eventually making out the shadow of a boy. She was blind, but was able to see shadows and differences in light. It was rather dark in the attic so it took her a minute. “Oh! A boy! Ello, my name is Melanie!” She would say with a smile on her face, “Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Literally! I’m blind..” She would further explain, before noticing that Ian was shaking her head ‘no’. “No? Oh-.. You’re not a boy?” The blue-eyed girl would ask, tilting her head. She would take notice to the new girls predicament, moving to turn on a lamp and moving in front of it. She would also shake her head at the 8-year-olds question. “Oh! Sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it call you a boy.” The girl would say, very concerned that she hurt her possibly new friend’s feelings. Ian would walk around a bit, looking for something before ever responding. Eventually she would find what she’s looking for, some paper and markers. She would write on it, ‘It’s ok. I am a boy, but I don’t want to be. I’m mute, I can’t talk. My name is Ian though.’ The paper would say as she held it up to the lamp, casting a shadow on a nearby wall. After Melanie realized what she was doing she’d turn to the shadow, reading it quietly and to herself. “Oh.. You don’t want to be a boy anymore? Ok! But, why is your name Ian if you aren’t a boy?” She’d ask, to which was answered by the sound of dried out markers rubbing on paper. ‘I don’t know. It just is, you can all me something else if you would like.’ Would be her answer. “Hm.. What about.. Ina!” The little girl would say happily. And that would become her new name, Ina Blake. Their conversation would last until dinner time, when Melanie would have to hide. Ina would run downstairs, the game had ended way before dinner time, it wasn’t common for them to forget about her. She’s so quiet, you know?


She’d make it downstairs, her new friend hidden within the mask as it was set down next to her at the table. During the conversation, Ina realized this was the little girl that had been murdered. She had no clue how she got back though, or why she was so attached to the ribbon. “Ian, could you go get your great-grandfather? I think he is in the living room.” Her mother would say, to which she nodded. Putting the mask on and walking through the rather large house. “Hmph! She should know that you’re a she! Not a he!” Her new friend would huff, following beside Ina. When they made it to the living room, excepting to see her sleeping grandfather, instead she was a bloody mess. She would run to his side, seeing multiple different stab marks in his body. She could tell he was dead. She would silently cry, not sure on what to do. The only person to ever accept her was gone. “Ina! Watch out!” She’d hear a little girl’s voice cry. Her head would shoot up, before even seeing what was the problem, she was hit; a slash to her side of her throat, causing her to fall next to the older male corpse. The last thing she had heard were the screams of her parents. She died from lack of blood, and from choking on her own. The next time she’d wake up, wouldn’t happen for another 74 years. The house was later burned down that night, the only object remaining would be a porcelain cat mask, with lilac markings and a lilac ribbon. It was untouched, not burned, not damaged. It was in perfect condition.  (Ah- I’m sorry if that didn’t make much sense, or if any of this doesn’t make sense. Its late and I’m not that good of a writer, Sorry.)


It was June 1st, 2017. Another girls birthday, as excepted; this time, 6th. Her name was Mae Johnson, adopted daughter of two homosexual males. She had silver colored eyes, and light blonde hair; it almost looked white. Happy as could be, well for the most part. She suffered from spilt personality disorder, causing her to lash out at others or become extremely upset at times.


The old Victorian house had been re-built into a more, common house; to which the Johnson family lived in. They were at the park, one they commonly went to. One thing different was, unlike other couples, her dads were only holding hands; letting go other each other’s whenever they passed others. This park wasn’t well known, making it the perfect place for a family to spend their daughter’s birthday in, without being harassed. They were going to meet up with Mae’s grandmother, her grandfather didn’t like the whole gay son thing, so he has never even met Mae; same goes for her other dad’s parents. On the way to the spot however, she spied something hanging from a branch. It was white and light purple. “Daddy! Da Da! Look!” The little girl would say, pointing and jumping in the direction of the object. Both the males would look over in the direction their daughter was pointing too, the taller of the two would go over and take the object out of the tree. It was a white, porcelain cat mask with the phases of the moon painted on it a lilac color, as well as around the eyes, and not to forget the lilac ribbon that hung from its sides. “Huh.. Strange thing to leave in a park. It looks like it hasn’t been touched in years.” They searched for the owner but never found anyone, week after week they looked but no one came up; now making the Mask Mae’s.


Not long after she gained complete custody of the mask, she met them. A little girl, probably 8 years old or so, that looked to be from the Victorian era based off of her clothing. She had matte black curls that went to her mid-back, as well as the crystal blue eyes. She also had a noticeable mark or scar on the brim of her nose. The other seemed to be a little boy, short copper colored hair that was paired with light green eyes. He had a scar as well, this one was larger and placed on the right side of his neck; he also seemed to be from the 30s or 40s. “‘Ello there, love! I’m Melanie! That’s Ina! She was a boy, she didn’t want to be one so she’s now a girl! She can’t talk.. Just like I can’t see.” The little girl known as Melanie would say, a British accent making its way through as she started pointing in -what she thought was the direction of Ina. This caused Ina to give a small wave instead of correcting her. “..Can I call you Mina?” Mae would ask, almost completely ignoring everything else the girl had said. “Huh? Oh, sure!” Melanie or Mina, would say happily. “Also, what can’t you do?” She would ask, assuming everyone had some sort of ‘problem’. “I can’t, can’t do anything. I’m perfectly normal.” She would answer, her voice seemed different however; less naïve, and childish. “Really? I thought my lack of sight normal until my parents told me-” She was cut off by Mae yelling, “I said, I’m perfectly normal!” Her personality and everything else about her seemed to change completely, making a whole U-turn. Neither knew how to react to this sudden out-burst, so they just went along with it.


A year or so had almost passed, the three had grown close; not like Ina had a choice, she did have to lead Mina around. No one else seemed to see the two new- or should I say ‘old’, children. Mae’s parents chalked it up to her personality disorder, never thinking much of it. Anyways, it was around a week or two before Mae’s birthday, her parents wouldn’t be able to make it however. Mae had started to fall ill, at first it seemed nothing more than a cold, then it started getting worst; to the point where it was hard for her to move. Her dads tried to help her the best they could, but not much they can do after being the dead victims of a hit-and-run. She was placed into emergency care, dying only a couple of days later (June 1st). However, Mina and Ina didn’t want their friend to leave so soon. This is the longest they’ve had someone, why let them go now? They took control of her body, combined their broken souls together. Mae’s hair would change from a light to a strawberry blonde. Her eyes would become completely white, and two marks would form on her skin. One on the brim of her nose, the other on the right side of her neck. Both appeared to be birthmarks at first, but a second glance you could tell they weren’t. Mina was put in charge, being the main face of the two. She socialized with others, more playful and daring. She couldn’t see however. Ina could only been seen when they were wearing the mask, she couldn’t talk but she could see. They both had something the other needed, except looking at the pros and cons, it would be better for the blind one to be the first face those see.


*Random fact; each of their birthdays are during pride month, and are on the days that represent them. June 8th, pansexual for Melanie/Mina. June 13rd, trans-female/MTF(Male to female) for Ina/Ian. June 1st, gay for Mae (Her two dads.)*

My Appearance

A little girl, only 3’8 feet, and obviously young. Her skin has a tendency to remind others of porcelain, probably because of her unnaturally pale complexion. Her eyes were completely white, no end is sight. Her hair was long and a strawberry blonde color, with the slightly curl.


She wore a lilac colored sweater, that was tucked into a dark gray skirt. Paired with white knee-high socks that had two lilac stripes on them, along with white shoes. She wore the cat mask (Profile picture for shape reference) that eyes were lined with the same purple, along with lilac painted on moon phases that took place on the forehead. She wore the mask on the side of her head, the matching ribbon hiding underneath her strawberry blonde bangs.



My Secrets Are...

Mina isn’t really a secretive person, Ina is however. Ina: The fact that she used to be male, and had the deadname of Ian.