Intro Video


A yandere that loves the blood and gore of human beings under me, and meeting those that has as many screws loose as me!

Who Am I...

A psycho girl that loves interacting with all the other crazies of this world, to get to know each and everyone of your weird kinks, sexual and nonsexual

Romantic Interests

I like sadistic guys, but I also like the sweet kind of guys. Guys that take charge, and possessive nature to them.

My Story Is...

A little doll broken by the cruel world, stomped on, crushed from the inside out. A mind that has embraced the insanity that has taken over my mind, and want to enjoy the fun things of the world, even if they are bad.

My Appearance

Whatever my adorable psycho girl picture is


Knives, tasers, needles, syringes, hand gun

My Secrets Are...

things that you’ll have to find out yourself.

I Believe...

in psychotic deep love that is purest in yanderes.