Sergei Artynom Belinski

Intro Video


 “We walk on broken halos

It only stands to reasonWe don’t believe in angels When all we see are demons”

Who Am I...

A resident of the metro and a survivor.

Romantic Interests

I care not about gender or species as long as they love me dearly that's all that matters

Relationship Status

A few friends here and there but just single

My Story Is...

Hello.. I’m Sergei..I guess you want to know my story am I right? well  I was born in the dark tunnels of the metro system from there I learned much about the metro system which was quite dangerous at the time, from then on I’ve seen things that would make one question sanity I’ve seen fascists, communists, creatures that would rip you apart.. even seen some supernatural anomalies.. but I still push on cause I know it’s either survive or die and be food for the rats.. I’ve kept that belief close to me.. I’ve had many people who were my friends die horribly in front of me but I push on knowing it’s what they want instead of just crying over them I’ve traveled from the dark and damp tunnels to hellifyno.. to see what the world outside of the metro was like.

My Appearance


His pet

pikachu (pokemon) drawn by jimmy2929



Hazard Suit

MLL hazard suit.jpg


Heavy suit

MLL heavy suit.jpg



RPK Machine Gun 7.62 x 39.jpg

Saiga 12

Saiga 12 shotgun.jpg


9-?? ???????? ???????? ? ?????????.jpg


Polished kukri.jpg

My Secrets Are...

I have no secrets to tell you since keeping secrets leads to death.

I Believe...

I don't believe in nothing but survival cause that's what matters in this messed up world I live in.