Star Kit

Intro Video


~*Star’s Family*~

Mother:Selenne Lucyrus

Grandpa:Ice Coldstone (Deceased)

Youngest Aunt:Kat Coldstone

Father:Nathan Kit (Deceased)

Aunt:May Kit (Deceased)

Aunt:Azura Kit

Cousin:Aurora Kit

Cousin:Luna Kit

Aunt:Moon Kit

Grandmother:Nova Kit


Who Am I...

Star The Queen Of Hopeswind

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating Rosemary Sunston

My Story Is...

Born to Selenne Coldstone and Nathan Kit, I grew up being overprotected by my mother because of his death..

We his with my grandfather in what was Nathan Valley, till the power struggle between my grand auntie and grandfather caused the collapse Of Nathan Valley on April 31st 20XX

From The Remains Of It, Merchants Village and Nathan Valley were reborn into 2 new settlements..Jadia Bay and Hopeswind

For the last couple of years, my mother has kept me away from the Castle Of Nathan…until now that I finally get to be the princess and have love! I’m currently training under my grandfather Ice to get familiar with a magical staff

My Appearance

~*Star’s Bio*~

Birth Name:

Star “Natalia” Kit


Years Lived:15

Date Of Birth:February 16th

Type:Neko, Human Hybrid

Magikcraft:Agriculture and Black-Ice

~*General Looks*~


Hair Pigmentation:Blond

Hair Cut:Long

Eye Pigmentation:Ocean Blue

Eyelash Cut:Medium


White Tank Top, Blue + White Royal Dress, Dark Blue Jeans

Transparent Socks





~*Backpack belonging to Star*~

*Shiftable Weaponry Case

*Hopeswind Belt Commucations

*The Staff Of Agriculture & Black Ice

*Father’s Sword


My Secrets Are...

Nathan Kit is my father, he died fighting a dangerous realmy man

I Believe...

A Queen must be educated and displinced during her princess years, to lead a nation