Raziel Prime

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“From Dust you were made and to dust you shall return”


Destruction and creation. Two vital parts of the universal balance. Nothing is eternal. For Something new to be made something old must be destroyed. Broken down and reshaped. This is the law of the cosmos and the laws that bind the being known as Raziel. Return to the heart of creation, all ye who face his judgment. Return to the thing that bore you and your ilk.


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God of The Cosmic Cycle

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My Story Is...

Once one of the most well known beings to walk the planets surface. The events of the 10year anniversary effected things greatly. Formerly, Raziel was a Daemon God of Destruction, banished here by those that feared his power and became angry at his abuse of power. It was here, among the other gods and great beasts, that Raziel made his home and his friendships. Many enemies were made, bonds forged and broken. However, it would not be any deity or great monster that would drive him from the planet. Instead, it would be a simple human.


Heart broken at twin betrayals and understanding the pain of performing such an act. Raziel returned to his home universe, hoping to spare himself the pain of playing at mortality. This was not to last, however. When the omniverse collapsed in on itself, ripped apart and smashed back together, so too was Raziel. He and every other version of himself that existed within his home multiverse. countless eons passed within the divine realm of ruin. Countless eons of picking and sorting through the infinite lives and incarnations till he was able to piece together a form of consciousness.  He was born a new. With greater power and experiences than he’d ever had before. A true embodiment of destruction and the infinite cycle. Yet even with all this power, a splinter remained. A splinter that called him back to Helifyno.


Almost three years had passed here since last he touched upon its surface. However, he could not enter himself. His new form making it impossible, lest he turn the world itself to ash. As such, Raziel did something he had never done before and created. Forming avatars to possess with which he would interact with upon the world. Each one connected to him and channeling different aspects of who he was in each life.


Since returning. Raziel has found once more a kinship with the people of this world. Growing in friendship with them and leaving the past behind him to the best of his ability. Taking on two student, Nacht and Nonami, Raziel has decided to instruct them in order to protect this world in a time when he cannot.

I Believe...

Before creation comes destruction.