Caprius Stellas


I’m non-binary, so.. I’m a ‘They’ or a ‘Caprius’ or ‘Them’ Thanks!

Who Am I...

Caprius, nice to meetcha!

Romantic Interests

Meh, I'm aromantic, meaning I'm not too intrested

Relationship Status

A Single Star

My Story Is...

A comet crash, a broken civillization and a single survivor. Me .

My Appearance

I’m rather lion-like, however I can stand on my hind legs, and prefer that anyways. I wear a mustard yellow jumper and light demin shorts. My tail is pretty long and extra fluffed on the end, I wear a gradient of pink to yellow fur, and friendly teal eyes


A couple pencils, and a blue ballpoint pen, and a couple.. intresting pictures. If you’re curious, it’ll be a lock you’ll have to find a key for.

My Secrets Are...

Well, there’s another survivour. The one I don’t want to meet.

I Believe...

Keep your eyes on the stars; and your feet on the ground!