Who Am I...

Female, Halfing, Age 21, Loves Mushrooms

My Story Is...

I was orphaned at the age of 8, My mother died shortly after giving birth to me, and my father died in battle, and I’ve spent my life running, from my fears, and the truth, my family has secrets, some of them I don;t want to discovered, and I have secrets of my own…

My Appearance

My skin is fair and my face and shoulders are covered in freckles, my eyes are dark green, and my hair is dirty blonde, I wear a cream colored shirt, cut off at the shoulders, and covered in multiple dirt stains, and I have light brown capris, and for shoes, I wear none, and I have a necklace around my neck, it has a beautiful blue gem surrounded by swirls of silver.


Recurve Bow, A quiver, with about 23 arrows, A hunting knife, short sword, a tinderbox, lock pick set, simple brown cloak, 20′ feet of rope, 5 days rations, hooded lantern, 2 flasks of oil