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By the Fabler

Yeah, yeah, I’m a Nymph, what of it? …oh, you just want a history, huh? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Coban Rehner, a storyteller heeding from Kyen…of the dark beauty in the shadows across the way, you ask? A brief glimpse into her eyes, the ocean of deep blue…she is a hard woman with a black past, murky present, and undoubtedly bleak future, unless…Fine! I’m getting to it, you uncouth, cocky young’un! Egh, I must be getting on in years, I can hardly believe I just said that. Wouldn’t Traele get a laugh out that if he were here. Anyhow, just don’t interrupt me or I’ll just so happen to ‘forget’ what I’m saying. Understand? Good. It starts before this lovely warrioress was even born. Her mother, a vampire whose beauty and murderous reputation were legendary among all. Sapphire Co’fure was a black widow, alluring and promised a horrendous end to any who were fool enough to fall for her. Lo’ and behold, a demon of the highest rank in Hell, unrivaled and feared by even the bravest of souls. Souls which he captured and tortured with the creative pleasure only a demon can deal. Mysteke Rune was second only to the Gods who rule everyone according to their wills. A wry twist of fate, perhaps, slung these two Grim Reapers in the same path, or so I’ve come to believe. They say love can touch and transform anything it can pierce with its notorious arrows, and if one believes such musings then Sapphire and Mysteke were living proof of it. After their marriage, their twin reigns of torture and death dwindled into oblivion as it sometimes happens.However, no wrong goes unpunished and the couple’s deeds soon came back with a vengeance. A soldier of Heaven and a deadly Slayer, both with unwavering determination, would eventually avenge the slain victims of Sapphire and Mysteke. Were they repentant of what they had done, the misery they undoubtedly reveled in creating? Nay, nay that is, until the child was born to the vampiress, Starr Desiree Rose Raine. From the moment she took her first breath and saw her world through her already damned eyes, her parents knew their slayers’ thirst to kill them all would only increase trifold. They ran, to the corners of their universe, always barely a step ahead of their pursuers. Starr, being naught but a babe, could not possibly understand the tenuous grip she and her family had on their lives, only that they rarely stayed in one place for long. I truly think that Mysteke and Sapphire genuinely cared for each other and their daughter, for why go through all the trouble they went through when it would have been easier to go their separate paths? Starr had just seen her second year pass when the Slayer stole her mother from her life. Some say no one can remember anything in their first years, but I beg to differ. How else can one explain unreasonable fears, bone-chilling dreams that recur nightly?…or mayhaps even a vision of an eerily familiar pale woman with streaming black hair and electric blue eyes writhing in agony impaled by a mysterious stranger? Mysteke killed the Slayer with all the wrath of Hell, a man with a torn heart is always the most dangerous. A mere year later and the demon who loved fell to the sword of the Angel in exchange for Starr’s continued existence. How could Starr possibly forget her father’s blood running from the heavenly warrior’s blade right before taking one look behind her and suddenly vanishing as if he had never been there, the only evidence was her sire’s corpse before her? Mysteke Rune had never been forgotten in the realms of the Damned and as soon as he died, the son of Lucifer, Damien came to confirm that a high demon had been slain by an Angel and instead found young Starr. Damien, the Prince of Hell, refused to allow the daughter of Mysteke and Sapphire die, yet he just as adamantly refused to take her in as his own. His compromise both saved and damned her in the long run, or so it would seem…his dark powers aged her to a child of five in a matter of minutes…”Starr, daughter of hell’s own, you can fend for yourself now, but your advanced aging comes with a price, you know that as sure as you know me,” Damien told her.”What do I have to do,” Starr replied, not caring what happened to her, after all, both of her parents had been murdered. Even though she knew Sapphire and Mysteke’s very names evoked bloodcurdling fear and primitive wariness, as the mother and father who had tried to care for, she loved them. Her grief slowly ate away at her heart, lonely and miserable.The son of the Damned didn’t care about that though, he was as cold and merciless as they came,”Not exactly what you must do, but what I take…your freedom. Yes, you shall be tithed to me from this moment on. Yet you are not ready to handle the duties I would bestow upon you at such an age and besides, I do not yet know if you are strong enough to be my slave. Therefore, I command you to survive, strengthen yourself, and the day you fulfill my requirements, I shall come for you. Is this understood?”Actually, she ‘understood’ him quite well, her intelligence was extraordinarily high and her blood burned with quiet contempt, that which was only revealed by hard, icy pools of deep cerulean. “Then I shall do what you will. Tell me, what do you suppose would happen if I decided otherwise,” the girl inquired with a voice that would one day drag men to their knees for her.His cold smirk plainly told her she had no idea who she was trying to challenge,”Then the repercussions will leave you wishing that death was the end, for in our world, death is merely the beginning. Let me advise you in one thing, never deny your birth and do not try to fight your blood, it is never a wise course of action.” With that, her enslaver left her in a whirlwind of something so twisted a name cannot be put to it, but that reduced her to shaking with cold and tinged with fear.She survived the winter by learning the fine arts of the thief. No one makes a better robber than a pretty child for who would suspect a little girl with big blue eyes and shining gold hair? Starr Raine was quick and she was smart, learning the trade with an ease that would have astounded anyone, if anyone had known her. The shadows always seemed to be in her defense, shrouding her in their sheltering darkness from the authorities who, on the rare occasion, spotted her relieving the more fortunate of their valuable burdens. One day towards the end of that harsh winter, she delved into the wrong pocket and found herself confronted with a man with hard eyes, a stone face and a heart that was so far gone, some said he never possessed one to begin with, Selian Max Blade.He wrenched Starr’s small body in the air by the iron grip he clamped onto her thieving wrist,”You would dare rob from me, you filth,” his voice like knives, sharp and deadly. “Um, I-…no, uh…Don’t call me filth,” the little girl was indignant over being called name rather than upset over the danger she just encountered.Selian was amused at the child’s reaction, no one mustered up anger when faced with his own,”Who else would make their living from emptying the purses of others?””Hmph, the job opportunities for five-year-olds are rather scarce, these days and for some reason, I don’t take to the idea of dogs eating my carcass in an alleyway somewhere, thank you very much…let me go!”Selian, a hellspawn of whose reputation was as great as the late Mysteke’s, laughed. For the first time that he could remember, he laughed in pure amusement, even though it was at this little firebrand’s insolent comments. He recovered his composure in the blink of an eye and studied the dirty pile of tattered clothes with clear, electric blue eyes staring defiantly at him,”I think we’ll get along just fine…you’re coming with me. You’ll have food, clothes, and a decent roof over your head. How does that sound?”Starr was not stupid enough to leave a full pocket when she saw it, and this one was lined in gold, but how many strings were attached to it? “It sounds good enough for me, but what’s the catch? What’s the price to pay for your, um, hospitality?” Ah, Starr, direct as always even at her age.Selian grinned, and he suspected she would continue making him smile and laugh against his will, “No price, I just took a liking to you. What am I supposed to call you, or does filth suit you?”Her tiny face tightened up into one of righteous anger and her voice had a comically hard edge to it,”My name is Starr Desiree Rose Raine, and yours? Or does ass suit you just fine?” He raised one eyebrow at her language, but not really surprised. She had, after all, been living and working in the slums for almost a year and adapted with unnatural ease. “Selian Max Blade…call me Selian.”With that, Sapphire and Mysteke’s daughter had a guardian to care for her and a blessing in disguise for both the girl and the hellspawn. She revealed a heart in the other and he trained her raw talents into abilities that would prove infinitely useful later in life. Selian was a cruel man with no scruples, but when it came to Starr, he made sure she had the very best. It was when she was our Empress’s age, nineteen, that Selian began to realize that his charge had filled out most beautifully, and as with hellspawn, his own age was unknown since they stop growing and never age further past a certain point. Starr herself was something of a recluse and had never left the sanctuary which Selian had provided for her. Selian was the extent of her ties with anyone and soon enough, they began to fall ‘in love’ with each other.You think I’m a bit dubious on the actuality of that last statement? Well, aye, I am. You see, my niece is nineteen and if her circumstances were the same as this woman’s then I would say she was being taken advantage of. Where is my niece? If I knew that I wouldn’t be here telling strangers histories of more strangers! Yes, she’s an empress of our people and if you think-ah, never mind, I’ll continue my tale…Soon after they were ‘together’ so to speak and a child was born to them, and Starr called her Sabrina. Sabrina was a pure hellspawn, from her father her blood was so strong it left no trace of the vampiric demoness who bore her. Starr was wary of her daughter from the start, the little hellion grew up wreaking havoc at every turn and all Starr could do was clean up the damage Sabrina created. To be quite honest, Sabrina was horrible there is no doubt, but as a hellspawn, it’s in her very nature to cause trouble and who can deny basic impulses?It wasn’t quite four years after Sabrina was born when Starr came home from an errand to find Selian’s body mutilated beyond recognition and little Sabrina coated in his blood and remnants of his flesh, her eyes barren and void of any semblance of emotion. Starr’s chilling eyes locked onto the gruesome scene for an endless stretch of time before the violent churning of hate and pain overrode rational thought and she senselessly attacked the child, her demonic wrath unrestrained as she strove to kill her lover’s supposed murderer. Sabrina had no desire to kill her mother although she was undoubtedly stronger and beat her up just enough to escape the woman. Thus began Starr’s irrational hunt for the girl, so bent was she on avenging Selian’s death and she had placed all blame on Sabrina’s small shoulders. Even with the combined blood of the demon and vampiress burning within her, the hellspawn had the advantage as a stronger species. Starr never stood a chance of fulfilling her hate-filled quest. Sabrina’s salvation came indirectly, through a woman known simply as Atlanta. Atlanta was a strong woman, harsh but not without mercy. Now, I can’t really explain this as it falls under the subject of “Females, no testosterone allowed,” but Starr and Atlanta allied with each other, forming the intimate bond of sisters. Starr fell in bad trouble soon and it’s name was Alex. He had seemed congenial at first and she enjoyed his company, viewing him as a friend. At his proposal of marriage, she declined as their acquaintance was recent, she knew nothing of him. This rejection revealed Alex’s true face, as a despicable creature deserving to be left to the unmerciful torment of Hell’s favorite children. It’s unfathomable Starr’s humiliation, agony, and rage as her body was first rendered bloody and weak ten subject to that monster’s lecherous invasion of it. Starr was left in bloody tatters, both physically and mentally. That brutal rape left her in bone-deep terror so she sought protection in the only person she trusted, her sister Atlanta. Atlanta’s wrath launched a furious assault not only on the loathsome snake who nearly ruined Starr, but to all who allied with him. Atlanta’s challenge was met with equal ferocity and the resulting small-scale war meant that she couldn’t protector her sister at every turn. It was at these times of vulnerability that Alex attacked Starr with that ultimate, punishing degradation which only a woman can know. Finally, Starr gave up trying to fight and went into hiding, so broken was her spirit and body. Alex’s frustration accumulated into desperation and he attacked the sister of Starr while asleep in her own castle. Starr was irrevocably drawn out after learning of the cowardly hit made on Atlanta. Alex was waiting for her, breaking nearly all bones in her body before, of course, the violent raping. Alex’s torturous legacy reached the ears of his family, their fury proved Alex’s undoing. They were all warriors of the ultimate rank, tempered by a severe code of honor. Violation of this code was punishable by death with no exceptions and so therefore Alex’s fate was sealed.Repercussions of that horrendous time are still with her to this very day, yet if it weren’t for Atlanta, Starr would invariably have wasted away. From then on, Starr was suspicious and cool-mannered of nearly everyone. Then along came Raziel, her knight who breached the walls she erected around herself and healed wounds she didn’t even know she carried. She thrilled in just being near him and…he made her smile and feel secure; two rarities in her life that she hadn’t known how badly she lacked until then. She was in true love, perhaps for the fist time in her life, but ah, cruel Fates, how fickle you are! The day after she promised to be his wife, Raziel vanished. He was simply gone and never returned. Was it the intervention of her longtime master, son of Lucifer? Starr fell apart along with her heart, punishing her body with every bitter slice she lanced into the golden skin. A friend, Draken Korin, discovered her self-mutilation and was shaken to the very core as the beautiful woman, who had always endured against every odd, slowly cut herself to death. Being a member of the noble Draconic race, his powers were great and thus bonded himself with the devastated creature, knowing his blood mingled with heres would ensure she wouldn’t harm herself. Starr Desiree Rose Raine never fully committed herself to another again, always withholding her heart, another heartbreak she couldn’t withstand…Now each day is one more day of torment. Even sleep offers no respite as twisted nightmares await for her lids to close over stunning blue eyes. She believes she is cursed, any who she holds in her heart doomed to die or simply vanish. Perhaps she is, or maybe her Damned Master is ensuring his slave is at his disposal without complications of other ties. It is a possibility. . .


And that, my intrusive annoyance, is what I know of her. She had it rough from the very start and with very little reprieve from the nightmare that is her life. . .Yes! I am very troubled by her, and nay, I refuse to involve myself in others’ affairs…you see, if a tough woman such as her struggles to survive, what hope does my beloved niece have, for she is neither vengeful or suited to this sort of life and yet she is trapped in the middle of it all…-Cough, grumble and mutter- Now be off with you, I’ve had as much disheartenment as I can handle tonight….Go! And if I see that ‘poor-old-man’ look on your snooty face one more time, why I’ll–the nerve of you! Get, go away and may the devil bite you in the hind-parts!


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