Luca Murphy

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Human Name: Luca Murphy

Beast Name: Killian (Albino Pelt)

Species: Werewolf

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Status: Single

Birthplace: Perth, Australia

Current Living Quarters: Bryson City, North Carolina (or thereabouts)

Personality: Resilient, hard-hitting, with a touch of a kind side. Also snarky.

Likes: Pizza, Dr. Pepper, smoking (not cigarettes), social drinking, exercise, kind people, dogs, rats, and of course, the rain.

Dislikes: Cats, birds, guns, drugs (excluding marijuana), tobacco, cigarettes, dickheads, and large killer bugs.

Occupation: Bartender/Photographer

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(A picture of his house, built by hand, in the wilderness outside of Bryson City)


_This Is MY Story_
Luca was born on July 15th, raised as a Christian. At the age of 14, just seventeen days after his birthday, his father (Robert) lost his job. Feeling cheated and irate, Robert got drunk and later that night, shot his wife (Barb, Luca’s mother) in the stomach with a shotgun, before sticking the shotgun in his mouth. As his father blew his skull all over their kitchen, a crying Luca crept to his mother’s side, and she died in his arms. Luca began to question his faith in God: He stopped going to church, and began looking for employment so he could look after himself, as he now had no one. He found refuge under caretaker work, looking after homes and babysitting children until he was 18. After that, he began working as a bartender, a good man for the job as he hated alcohol. But it wasn’t enough for Luca. Over those years, nothing seemed to fill the void left in his life from what had happened. His nights turned to the dark side of adventure, drinking, gambling, even getting into fights with people he didn’t know. He won… sometimes.


One night, he was driving home from the bar to his apartment, and he struck a small deer, breaking his hose against the steering wheel, as well as one of his hands on the dashboard. Despite his injuries (a broken wrist and a busted nose), Luca left his truck to inspect the deer. It was dead, but before the man could get back to his truck, he was then attacked by a large wolf, bigger than any he’d ever seen. Having been chasing the deer, the wolf came upon Luca and saw him over its would-be prey, jumping the young man from behind.
Luca sustained three bites, two less major ones on his arm (as he was defending himself) and another, much deeper wound to his stomach. He also took a nasty scratch to the hip, and even as he grabbed a rock and smacked the beast in the head, Luca knew he must be dying. The wolf backed away, snarling, but did not leave, and it was the last thing he saw before all went black.Related image
He woke up six days later, bandaged and lying in a hospital bed. He silently thanked God for his second chance, being informed later that his truck would soon be repaired, and the wolf he encountered had been scared off by a hunter who found him just in time. Within weeks, Luca’s injuries showed signs of immense healing, which shocked the doctor’s and even Luca himself. They dismissed it as a simple miracle, and the healing commenced.
But every return has a price. Not a week after he woke up there, Luca lay awake at night in the hospital, and the full moon began to glint through his window, creeping across his arms. Something strange began to happen then…


Infected with a lycanthrope virus, Luca had become a werewolf. A white one, no less, which he would come to discover was not very common. With this transformation came something else. Something within him, deep as the soul. The next morning, he woke up in his own apartment with someone there, talking to him. It was a disembodied voice, calling himself Killian. Luca would come to realize that Killian was entirely in his head, an no one else could hear him. He was a manifestation of Luca’s own make, so that he could talk to his beast spirit. Since things are never just easy, however, it wasn’t long before the two disagreed on anything and everything: Killian wanted to roam free now that he had been born into a vessel. Luca wanted to find a cure. At each others throats to and fro, the struggle continues, man vs. beast, as Luca must cure himself, or learn to live with his curse until his dying day.

My Appearance

Appearance: Long Brown Hair, Dark Green Eyes, & Skin Of Pale Moonlight

Piercings/Tattoos/Accessories: There is a tattoo of a dragonfly on his right foot.

Height/Weight: 5’11″/171 lbs.

Body Build: Fit/Lean Build, Muscular Arms, Sturdy Legs, Hard Head



Played By: Luke Cosgrove



Werewolf: 9’9″/356 lbs., White Fur, Neon Blue Eyes, Muscular

Voiced By: Christopher Judge


A fucking werewolf, bro.


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