Abigale Clarke

My Story Is...

Its not a happy story if I am to be honest. For I am many years old and my not so happy ending took place on the day of September 26th, 1851. For I was killed by a masked man who used my corps to create the most beautiful woman, of both flesh and machine for he recreated my entire left body with metal and now, now this has made me an immortal being.

My Appearance

Before that mad man experimented on me I was quite a beautiful woman, and I quite frankly still am. I have Irish red hair that most women would love to have, and I once had some clover green eyes but one is now a simple golden clock.. ticking away for thousands of years. My body is one that most desire and is what aided in the mad mans decision on me being his perfect woman, with wide hips and a thin waist it makes my body have an attractive curve. Now I am sure you are curios about my arm and leg yes? Well my arm is made up of engraved gold and silver pieces that give a feminine touch to something so rough. Now my leg, my leg is a different story. For my creator couldn’t finish my leg with what time he had so he made it a rough design with no concern to whether or not it functions properly.