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Stella Silvermoon

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Moon Bloodgood -

Rain Everston

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Romantic Interests

(Stella) Males/ (Rain) Bi

Relationship Status

(Stella ) Naos Everston / (Rain ) Single

My Story Is...


She is a Demon like her brother Balthazar. Wip


Rain was orginally born as the child of Roxy Angelang and Jenna, Rain is a Magicial of Undetermined and Underdetermined and was later moved to be the Daughter of Naos Everston after the lawsuit against Raven Singetail and her accosaties, Her biological Parents were sentenced to life in the dungeon and Rain had siblings prior to her adoption which completely overwrote her genes and family relations Scientist Transfuse some of Naos’ blood to Rain to give her his eyes and hair color along with some of his abilities. but set a spell for her Vixen attributes to appear when she becomes 17.

My Appearance

Stella Silvermoon

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Name: Stella Silvermoon

Nicknames: Ella

Age: 148                    Looks: 32

Sex: Female

Martial Status: Engaged 

Preference: Males

Height: 6’8″

Build: Athletic curvy

Hair color: Black/Brown

Hair style: Long down or pulled back into a braid

Eye color:  Honey amber

Race: Demon

Occupation: None

Likes: Singing, spending time with family. 


Favorite food: Anything

Dislikes Food: Gross cheeses like blue cheese

Weapons/Items: Dagger, Med kit and potions.

Abilities:  Speed, strength, fire magic.

Siblings: Balthazar Silvermoon



Rain Everston

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Name: Rain Chaos Everston

Nicknames:  Rain.

Age:  13   Looks:13

Sex: Female

Martial Status: Single 

Preference:  Male

Height: 5’10”

Build: Fit and slim

Hair color:  Black

Hair style:  Shoulder length ponytail.

Eye color:  Blood red

Race: Shadow vampyr Vixen


Likes: Fashion, girly things

Dislikes:  Ruby

Favorite food:  Not fussy

Dislikes Food: Blue cheese.

Weapons/Items:  Dagger

Abilities:  Speed, strength that grows with age.

Siblings: Lavender Everston ( Deceased)


Stella’s Sword Bloodthorn

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Stella’s dagger

Dagger of Venom - Magic Items - D&D Beyond

Rain dagger

Black Label Wihongi Dagger