Alyssa Hageshi

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Alyssa “Stephanie” Diercedrath



DOB:Jan 27th

Magic:Reincarnation & Ember

Species:Demon,Dragon Human Hybrid

Weapon Of Choice: Nodachi Katana

Who Am I...

The Ruler of The Hageshi Clan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Jasupa Astua-Novu (He's Mine)

My Story Is...

The Bedridden Birth

Being the Hybrid I am,I was stuck at home with nurses and doctors with me as my body and bone structure was all messed up,but my mother and father watched over me

Being A Outdoor Lover

Being the Magical of Reincarnation and Embers,my magic became able to reverse age and alter a tree’s wood type so I had a nice little playset in my favorite spot and a pool in the other

Mom’s Final Wish

Before My mother Passed,i was assigned a god-mother by the name of Azura Kit and she formed the Hakisuru Alliance and then passed leaving the clan to Abby and me

Sierra & Myles Mislead

After an assassin from the nightmare realm took my mother’s life,I quickly tried my best to pull my slibbings back as Xavier would be too young to understand as would Myles but that didn’t stop him from dragging sierra along with him even though she took my side

My Father’s Shock

My Father had always been protecting us since I was born and My Aunt Emily passed away,my younger slibbings mock her name even though I did met her afterall she was the one who did build my playset when I was little but our mother’s death since our father into a cycle of hatred and death + relivation.

Return Of An Angel Before The War.

When I turned 13,I was in for a big shock that the arch-heavens had put my mother on trail before she could return to fix the damages of the assassin which had been dealt with by my Aunt Alida & Abigail.

God V.S Son.

When the Post-Gemival War began (I don’t know where we got the name-Alyssa) we had seraval battles before my Uncle Andrew sarficed himself to save everyone who had been captured by him at the permanent death of himself.

Justice & Yeliana

Now I have become a full ruler of Hagistead with my 2 Daughter’s as of late and there both beautiful,of course with my Spouse’s help.

My Appearance


Hair:Light Brown


Causal Outfit:

White Shirt with cut off Sheevles, Jeans with many holes in them, Belt for Weaponry, Metallic Pink Socks, Running Shoes

Clan Outfit:

Dark Metallic Pink Robes with Alyssa Marie in Japanese Symbols on the before seems.


Hageshi Clan  Commucation Earrings

My Purse (Compass Included)

My Aunt Emily’s Draggers (Rest in Peace Aunt)

My Secrets Are...

I don’t give up on what dreams and hopes are

I Believe...

2 chances is enough,No more unless u wanna get hurt