Alyssa Hageshi

Intro Video


–Character Info–

Orginal Full Name:

Alyssa “Stephanie” Diercedrath



DOB:Jan 27th

Magic:Reincarnation & Ember

Species:Demon,Dragon Human Hybrid

Weapon Of Choice: Nodachi Katana

Who Am I...

The Hier To Rulership of The Hageshi Clan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

In A Relationship with Jasupa Asuta

My Story Is...

The Bedridden Birth

Being the Hybrid I am,I was stuck at home with nurses and doctors with me as my body and bone structure was all messed up,but my mother and father watched over me

Being A Outdoor Lover

Being the Magical of Reincarnation and Embers,my magic became able to reverse age and alter a tree’s wood type so I had a nice little playset in my favorite spot and a pool in the other

Mom’s Final Wish

Before My mother Passed,i was assigned a god-mother by the name of Azura Kit and she formed the Hakisuru Alliance and then passed leaving the clan to Abby and me


After 3yrs..I’ve lost Little Sister and Youngest brother and now have my Adopted Aunt,Adopted sis and New mom to look after me as I hold my father to his promises

New Friends & Family

My Mother:Mikayla Marie,Returned from the dead as a Arch-Angel of Angelic Purity.

But Before that I meet my Powerful Boyfriend:Jasupa Nova~Asuta and then hired him a Kitsune:Harper

Then I meet Ally Cooper AKA Ally Marie who had been caring for Sierra ever since Myles left our Lives


My Appearance


Light Brown Hair

Blue Eyes

White T-Shirt

Blue Skirt

Hot Pink Socks

Dance Shoes


My Mother’s Katana

My Compass

My Secrets Are...

I don’t give up on what dreams and hopes are

I Believe...

2 chances is enough,No more unless u wanna get hurt