Alex Wolfbane


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Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

(Taken IRL) Single

My Story Is...

Alex Wolfbane was the son of a mechanic who owned a junkyard a family business until his parents were murdered by a red eyes Kami on his ninth birthday making young Alex an orphan, and the soul owner of his family’s business all by himself until he finds out that the infection the Kami left in his body gave him strange power instead of killing him. Alex would then give the ownership to a close friend of the family as he left to try and control his new power, maybe even become a hunter to slay the Kami that kill his parents.


After a long time in the hunters school Alex would have graduated and became an S class hunter, allowing him free range hunting in the field which he used to hunt the red eyes Kami that killed his family. At this stage in his life Alex also learned how to control his power to a certain degree, but if he pushed it he was afraid the Kami’s power would take over his body. Luckily Alex was wrong on all accounts as one night the red eyes Kami attacked the city of Rapture and Alex had to use his full power to defeat it, but instead of praise he was surrounded by fear. The People hired hunters to kill Alex forcing him on the run and into the big wide world.


Notes: Alex only survived his Infection from the Red eyed Kami do to the fact a deity chose Alex to save the planet from a coming darkness.

My Appearance

Name: Alex Wolfebane

Age: 23

Birthday: April 16th

Hair: Deep Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 187.96cm

Weight: 210bl

Powers: Alex learned how to stay in stage one of his power giving him a natural strength of ten men, and the speed of a f-2 fighter jets, Alex also can heal any injury faster than normal. Example a wound that would take a day to heal should only take 24 seconds to heal for Alex.

Max Power: Alex infuse his body with the power of the abyss allowing him to enhance his body to the point he can run faster than the eye can see allowing him to vanish from sight, it will also allow Alex to punch so hard that the opponent won’t just get hit by the fist but also a shock wave of air. Turning into this form makes Alex vulnerable to being knocked out with one hit, as he trades his defense for speed and power.

I Believe...

"Even Darkness can be the saving Light."