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Windsor Price was born to his father Alan James Price, and his mother Moira Sage Price on August 12th 3182 in Qaerian State Hospital on the planet Tiranna. His father was the CEO of Price Laboratories in the neighboring county, his mother was a stay at home mother. Since his birth, his parents gave him everything he wanted and more. Though, once he reached the age of five, his parents had him start working for what he wanted and taught him that in this life nothing is given out for free. That if you really want something, to work your hardest to achieve that goal and never give up on your dreams. Windsor latched onto their teachings like a newborn latches onto its parent, taking it to heart and keeping true to them.

When Windsor was around ten years of age, he started getting bullied by a group of children because he was far more intelligent than the rest of the fifth graders and his school reports showed that. They insulted him with hurtful statements and attacked him with rocks and their fists, leaving Windsor bleeding and bruised in the playground. Did he fight back or insult them? No, he didn’t need to because he had expected their assault to happen. A few moments passed, and he heard the kids crying as the principal brought them to her office to give them a talking to and call their parents. When he got home, Windsor was immediately babied by his mother and when he explained what happened and how he dealt with it, his parents took him out of school the next day and brought him to his father’s workplace. This is where he grew to have his love for science and all it contains.

Twelve years later, Winsdor is twenty two years of age and unfortunately attending the funeral of his father and mother. They had died mere moments apart, and per their will, Windsor was made CEO of his father’s company, inherited his fortune, and per his mother’s will, he was to keep the estate. Windsor had already been working at his father’s company for three years, worked from the rank of Intern all the way up to Head Researcher and had steadily been climbing until his father’s death, and now here he was at the top of it all. He was overwhelmed to be sure, but after a few days of letting it all sink in he got to work.

About a month later, Windsor and his team of researchers had come up with a formula for inter-dimensional travel. They immediately got to work on making it a reality, and the amount of failures that occurred were many and far too gruesome. Workers being spliced in half, disintegrated, gooified, imploded, exploded, irradiated, mutated, zombified, and worse of all, being left totally physically unharmed, but mentally destroyed. Three weeks after these events, they finally got the formula right and opened a safe, stable dimensional portal to a dimension they labeled Hellifyno. This was due to the fact that when they asked where it might lead, the common answer was “Hell if I know” so the name basically stuck. Since then, trades have been made with the inhabitants of this dimension and friendly relations between the leaders of his world and theirs has been established.

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9mm Baretta Semi-Auto Pistol
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