Sugar Cube

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Mezasubeki tokoro ni, chikamichi wa sonzai shinai~~
~There are no shortcuts to any place worth going~~Sugar

Short, young, and the most adorable badass you’ll ever meet.
She’s made of sugar! Her normal form is that of a young girl, looking to be around age twelve. Nothing about her appearance or texture would be outstanding in a crowd of humans aside from her bright blue eyes, and silky-thin wings extending from her back.
Her hair has been dyed a slight purple before, but has whitened since.


                              Eye Color
As a result of the overflowing magic within, they’re permanently dyed a rather pretty shade of  blue.

She generally wears white dresses that are made up of her own sugar. Doing this not only allows for maximum comfort, but also allows for extreme mobility due to the sheer weightlessness of her clothing and/or armor.

She is a cheerful person, always open to new ideas, and trying to make new friends everywhere she goes.
With a pure heart and nothing but kindness to show to the people around her, she is a great friend and a loyal companion to the end.
She tends to feel she is here to protect the people of Hellifyno; but Sugar is known to only judge evil based off of actions she sees with her own eyes, not mere accusations, no matter how extreme.
                        Things to Beware
Her main focus is adaptability. From mage-like fireballs to conjured daggers, and from healing waves, down to shape-shifting, Sugar is an extremely tough foe. Do not let her kindness fool you.


            ~Abilities (And how they work)~
Sugar Pandora Cube, her body completely made of magically imbued sugar, can transform and morph that sugar in almost any way she wants. She has the ability to morph a select amount of her being into other substances, albeit with slightly weaker qualities than the assumed object. Once these items are no longer wanted, she simply deconstructs them and the sugar returns to her body.
This ability can be used to create many objects and substances, whether they be solid, liquid, or ethereal
She can (with great difficulty) shapeshift into objects or creatures her size or smaller, thus using whatever powers she may already possess (as long as limbs permit it) along with the new forms’ physical traits.


“Things only become over powered when nobody understands how to combat it correctly”

~Sugar Cube 11/23/2016


“A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter how close or far apart you may be. A friend is someone who is always there and will always, always care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart.” ~ 

Who Am I...

I was created by my father, master chemist Christopher Ray, who had lost his wife in an attack from what he believed to be a cult of fae, out for him due to his experience in alchemical brewing, and formulas for potions that would allow them great strength. In mourning, and in respect for what my mother wanted most, he created me in his laboratory.

Romantic Interests

Sugar falls for personality, not looks. Species and gender do not matter in her eyes. Gentleness, and a caring attitude usually peak her interests.

Relationship Status

A single little pringle~

My Story Is...

I was made when daddy wanted a daughter. He took away the spice from the recipe and just made me with sugar and everything nice! Of course, that’s a joke~ I don’t exactly know what my soul is made of, but it’s what holds everything together. I’m glad daddy made me this way… Although I do sometimes wonder what it’s like to be.. -just- normal.

I have made up my mind that I am here in order to protect whoever is in need. I will only use my powers for good and nobody will change that! I love all, until there is reason not to, and then it is time for judgment. I will protect and serve as the angelic sugar fairy I am, and as the good samaritan I was created to be!


My daddy died on November 28th, 2016. May he rest in peace, and may I have the strength to carry on, spreading his love and creating joy as he would want me to.

If you would like to know the story behind the attack.. just check the news headline… I’d rather not talk about it.


As long as the size of the object is supported by either the excess sugar in her body, or whatever sugar may be near, she can create an immensely vast selection of items and spells, given she has seen and practiced them at one point or another.

My Secrets Are...

Well, they’re secrets!~ I wouldn’t just tell anyone, you silly thing~



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