“Once upon a time I was known as the greatest Summoner of my time. The Gestalt Princess, they called me. How cute….”

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was born in humble little hamlet, the love child of an odd couple. A retired general, a female half-elf, and the rare civilized Orc male… a wizard orc, to be precise. My mother, gravely wounded in an orc raid, would have died had it not been for my father, who sacrificed his disguise among the humans to fight against his own kind to protect his home. It was a strained understanding on the field of battle that turned into a beautiful love…


That was some twenty years ago. Now they are like any married couple; bickering in the open, screaming behind closed doors (usually my mother – and usually in a way that was more embarrassing than worrying………) With their fiery start dying down to a warming smoulder, my own story sort of… kicked off.


I was only ten when I started hearing the whispers. Never words I can understand, it was more akin to bouts of inspiration. Knowledge I did not have before, a sensation of strength when I felt weak, and companionship when I was alone. By the age of twelve, I surprised my father in a lesson on magic when I mimicked one of his rituals, only to be encased by the whispering armor. This was my Eidolon, the alien creature that would become my lifelong companion.


I would rather not rehash my entire life story. Things happened, I joined a group of adventurers and together we saved our home – possibly the world… Call me humble, but I doubt the world. All of this before I turned twenty two. My parents were proud, fame flowed abundant… but it was not my style. So… My adventuring partner-slash-ex girlfriend used her magic to find another “realm” that I could start over. A few tearful goodbyes, hugs, kisses, bed sheets and poof…


A new world, a new start, same old me.

My Appearance

Height: 6’1″
Weight: Fuck off!
Skin: Green, slightly gray
Hair: Thigh length, coal black, wavy
Eyes: Indigo-Blue
Tusks: 1.5″
Ass: Great
Tits: Not so much
Muscles: You bet


While fused with her Eidolon she is donned in some form of etheral armor, exoskeleton or other symbiotic form.

In the Freezerburn form, Quiorra becomes encased in an obsidian-like armor which appears to expose quite a bit more than it covers, even more so when one realizes that, though appearing black, the armor is somewhat transparent. The uncovered flesh is incased in an ethereal white-silver fire that moves slowly, keeping close to her skin. This mist-fire feels could to the touch, and oddly corporeal, like a gravity-defying fluid.