Sunn Senju

Intro Video


Control over the elements 

Hellfire and energy armor 

Heighten strength speed and durability 


Age Nine



Who Am I...

Why should that matter

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Sunn Senju was born with control over the elements and when he activates his eyes he can use hellfire and create armor of pure energy red in color when activated his eyes turn silver with three small black triangles. But if he overuses his eyes he will risk temporary blindness why does he have these powers well because he is half demon his father was a demon that fell in love with a human but Sunns birth was the cause of his mother’s death. Upon seeing his lover pirish he took his son and would raise him until he was five that is when he would stop acting as a father and instead he would act as a mentor. He would train Sunn until he turned eight he would then send Sunn to the human realm upon arriving he would quickly develop a distrust of humans. Sunn would travel from one place to the next causing childish chaos wherever he went not really caring what others thought you see Sunn never builds up relationships with anyone because he does not want to be abbadon. So this is why he acts as if he does not care what others think of him.



My Appearance

Messy light brown hair 

Pale skin

Pale blue eyes 

Slim build


White short Sleeved shirt 

Tan shorts 

White socks 

White sneakers





A silver zippo lighter that he stole a while back 




My Secrets Are...

He does not want to be alone and really cares what people think of him



I Believe...

Life is a game and I always win