Who Am I...

Kandy Varity Sunny ((Commonly known as Sunny))

Romantic Interests

All genders!!

Relationship Status

"I'm Single, why do you ask?"

My Story Is...

“Narrator, you got this right?”
Imagine a person who isn’t very much a person, but instead more of a well.. Angel. Not a god or supreme human, just an angel. Well, if your imagining it, then you might come across someone named Sunny. A blissful girl who just happens to be an angel. Well, I wish it were that simple. See, Sunny’s father, Dex, was the son of a certain type of devil, /fire devil/ , making him… Well, a demon. And Sunny’s mother, as far as we know, was the wife of an angel, having an affair with Lucifer. Meaning Sunny is the love child that was never supposed to happen. ;-;.

How awkward is that?

So upon knowing this, Sunny really doesn’t like to talk to her mother or her father, but just lives in between the two all the time, which gets pretty annoying.

But Sunny is her own person, no matter who she comes from. She loves to paint and draw, often making her art in forms of expression for others. She enjoys watching anime like most humans on Earth, probably because that’s were she spent 7 years of her life.

I should probably warn you, if you ever come across romantic feeling for Sunny. See… She’s really… Oblivious.

“No I’m- Ummm….”

Exactly. You can’t really drop hints that you like her, she’ll automatically assume that you don’t like her romantically. Which is dumb, because she obviously can’t take a hint!

“Shush you! It doesn’t happen that often-” *It does*

But go ahead, fall for her. Good luck to you.


My Appearance

Blonde Hair, slightly wavy,
Blue eyes,
Light skin,
Stands at 5’3 and weighs 113 Ibs,
Wings and halo come out occasionally

My Secrets Are...

“What secrets?”

I Believe...

"You know, I'm not sure. Ask me again later."