A quick note before you get started reading:  My story and some things about my character can change based off of my partner’s interests and story. I am flexible with storylines and characters. I can also RP in different styles if needed, from detailed to vague or long acts to short ones. 

Who Am I...

Eli is an incredibly sarcastic person and he loves to tease. He is an outgoing, strongly opinionated, and slightly shy guy who loves to read and write.

Romantic Interests

Eli is bi-curious but mostly gay

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Human story: Eli was the kind of kid who as soon as he turned 18 he moved as far away from home as possible as quickly as he could. He had found a random small, homey town and had gotten a job at a local library. He then rented a room in the apartment complex just two streets away from the library so he could walk, or bike if he was in a hurry, to his job every day. As soon as he gets home every night he is immediately stuck in a book until it is almost three in the morning and he only has a few more hours to try to get some rest before heading to work the next day. Over the years of working at the library he had made a couple friends, and while he had always politely denied their invitations to go out and party in the past this time they would just not take no for an answer. And so he was dragged along to some party being held in some bar somewhere in town. Eli wasn’t happy about attending the party, but he forced himself to go in hopes it would get his friends off his back about being a loner. Besides, maybe something good might happen?

Supernatural story: Centuries and centuries ago Eli had to partake in a conflict that ended with most of his friends and his previous lover being killed. He immediately went into hiding, deciding he could never put himself at risk for that to happen again. Not ever. Luckily for him, he was good at hiding and it had been generations since he had come in contact with any other supernatural beings. He planned to keep pretending to be some guy who worked his tail off at his job, saw his friends occasionally on the weekends or after work, and came home to bury his nose in a book he was either reading or writing at the moment for a few years before some “terrible accident” would happen and the body would never be found, allowing him to move on to some other random town. Being an angel on earth wasn’t the most comfortable thing, especially when you have to kill fake you every few years and move on so people don’t notice that you don’t age. It was coming time for him to move on, he had been in this town too long all ready, but something urged him to stay. Something in Eli screamed that something important was going to happen and soon. What though?

My Appearance

Eli has his grandfathers sliver-ish grey eyes and his father’s pale complexion. His body is lean and toned, and he is 5″10. His hair is dark brown and just long enough to show that he has wavy hair though not long enough to cover his eyes. He tends to wear loose hoodies and sweatshirts along with a pair of jeans when it is cold outside and teeshirts and jeans when it is warm outside. He has a small version of the dark half of a ying-yang tattooed on the inside of his left wrist and a pen behind his ear at almost any time.


Eli has a small grey backpack he carries around with him at all times no matter where he goes. In the book bag, he has a few pens, pencils,  a pair of glasses he doesn’t like to use but frankly needs, two notebooks, a pencil sharpener, three erasers he can never find, his house keys, his wallet, his phone, a book, and a pocket knife that is maybe a little bigger than necessary.

My Secrets Are...

That’s for me to know and you to find out ;p