Super Mega Emo Anime Bro Explosion!


Orcs attacked my village when I was young and the drow took my family away from me. I swore revenge on them but then lost my memory due to an unfortunate anime cliché when all of the above overused tropes combined to make me, Super Mega Emo Anime Bro Explosion!

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Sexy Hyper Emo Anime Girls

Relationship Status

Forver single

My Story Is...

Convoluted. None of it makes sense, probably because I’m a psychopath in the nicest way.

My Appearance

Super, emo, explosive.


Ultra dynamic kyori-saka heavenly powers from the inumerable layers of hell.

My Secrets Are...

Secret. But just wait a couple of minutes and I’ll spill everything, just like a good manga-man.

I Believe...

In explosions!