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‘hello there … if you are reading this means that you found my diary or ..maybe just maybe i am..not an habitant of this world any longer, either way, i must assume that you want to know about my past ..then my past i shall give… I was born in as a mistake mother was a cheap whore and my father ..well he was no better ..just a drunk that called himself a cop. .. I must admit even as a child i thought of suicide i heard my mother getting fucked by a stranger in the room next to mine but I’ve never had the guts to do it…. Fast forward in time I ‘ve arrived at the age of 7.  My father was in other of his alcoholic outburst and decided to take it on me.  But out of sudden that daily routine was stopped by the sudden appearance of these men dressed in black. Who knocked down the door in my home with a kick. My father face changed from pleasure to horror when Don Giovanni aimed his gun to my fathers head. But instead of shooting him himself he gave the gun to me and without thinking it twice i pulled the trigger killing my father ..and eventually my mother who came out of her room to see what was going on.,,,

In the following years, i was taken by Don Giovanny and the family. I grew up learning everything about the business and what and not to do. Many friends and family members were taken from us. Still many we took back it was an endless war that eventually we won. In a night of celebration, i met Victoria. ”

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You might be thinking who is Victoria? but let me correct you Who was Victoria? ..Well she was the most cold-hearted woman that I’ve ever met, Her heart was cold as a stone but her eyes ..well let just say she was out of this world. Somehow someway ..we both were made to each other and we knew it. So it began our story little by little the layers of our hearts vanished until we became one,  a perfect bonding.  But faith has a strange sense of humor. After a year of prosperity. Don Giovanny passed away and the wars began and so …my Victoria was one of the casualties. I never had an interest in being the boss. But Thanks to Victoria my ambition grew and after all the turmoil i emerged victorious becoming the Face of the family.

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a poet an artist and a killer

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widowed (single)