Ridley Qanril

Who Am I...

A simple Elven potionmaker from Nethallan.

Romantic Interests

None to speak of!

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born in the heart of the Nethallan forest, Ridley’s childhood was full of adventure. She was by all accounts a tom boy of an Elven girl, often preferring to traipse around barefoot in the forest for hours a day rather than stay at home with her mother and father. All of this changed, however, when a small troupe of Blood Elves attacked their clan. They were all caught off guard, and Ridley was lucky to have escaped with her life. At the age of fifteen, the scared girl¬† who had just lost everything she ever knew was taken by these Blood Elf barbarians and kept in slavery for a number of years. Until, one day, a kindhearted merchant by the name of Asher Montacher bought her from the vile Blood Elves and offered her a fresh start and a free life. Of course, her first response was to kick him in the balls. But after the pain died down, he offered to take her back to his home country of Thesia, where she would be free to do whatever she wanted. Mulling it over, the young girl accepted his offer to move.

Now, at the age of 24 – quite young by elven standards – Ridley owns a potion shop where she sells all sorts of tonics and poultices. If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Ponta Flumencia, you should stop by and see what she has in stock! If you’re nice enough, she might even offer you tea.

My Appearance

Ridley is a relatively short young woman of wood elf descent, standing at roughly 5’5″, with pale white hair and freckles dotting her cheeks. Since becoming a shop owner, she’s put on a little weight around her hips and belly. She finds it a sign of good health and quite enjoys her curves.

My Secrets Are...

Get to know her and she just might tell you!