Age unknown
Powers complete knowledge of necromancy and most of the magical arts

he is unable to die due to the fact of giving up his soul for more power

able to bind the souls of any being below a God and Goddess

due to being a lich king his physical strength and speed is nearly infinite he is whisper can corrupt whoever ear it seeps into while his eyes can find anything he wants to that exists

his mind cannot be broken into

he also has the ability to shapeshift

Suran the lich king is able to be summoned but the price to summon him is very costly for one must be willing to give up part of there soul or the soul of someone else but if they chose to give Suran someone else soul they will forever have that thought on their mind once they summon Suran they can ask him to tell the future to have someone killed or gain infinite wealth if someone wants to give another soul all they have to do is speak that persons full name

Who Am I...

Lich King

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Suran was once a greatly loved wizard who was known for his kind deeds until the voice of corruption caught his ear for he then sent out on a quest to the source of the whispering until he found the ruins of the castle FireMourn upon entering he delved deep into the castle until he found the throne room what sat on the throne was a long since dead king the whispering grew louder until he was standing by the dead king it was at without a second thought he took the crown off the head of the body at that moment his body twist  and contorted until it was unrecognizable his face now as white as the snow eyes as black as night after his transformation a flashing green light lit up the room as it faded away a floating black staff with a jagged acid green stone placed on top of it appeared in the room Suran reached out his hand and grasped the staff now Suran is the dreaded lich king he commands a vast and never-ending army consisting of orcs trolls undead demons and some vampires and werewolves

My Appearance

hair black as shadows snow white skin midnight black eyes a slim body six foot wearing a silver twisted three prong crown deep black robes


the staff of the twisted  and a jagged slim silver sword

My Secrets Are...

Suran is able to corrupt just about anything that his whispers fill the ears of Suran is always hunting for new ways to further his power he also is building up an army so massive that he will one day take over the whole world

I Believe...

Everything that stands against me will fall and be raised again to serve in my army