• It took less then the rest of the night for Glastonglen’s troops to report back that the retreating forces from Conkarde were not on any of the roads and then it took merely half the morning for them to sniff out

  • Matthew was a mage and a gentleman, he was never the type to resort to violence. But when the guards started screaming for a healer and he brought the best three they had… Seeing the Lady, their Queen, with a

  • Surreal stood in the shadows on the upper balcony of the magical library, watching Lavi as he called and banished shields, practiced restraining and moving chairs and dummies with arcane strands, and generally

  • Surreal Sadis wrote a new post, Freedom 9 years ago

    Lavi and Surreal slept extremely late into the day after the disaster with the Summervale retinue and then the night of liberating pleasure and love, straight through breakfast and even past lunch. Surreal had

  • Books, shoes, food items and various other items littered the Magical Library’s floor. Some items floated and her shimmery butterflies flitted about while his shimmery puppies frolicked, leaving trails of stardust

  • “Clora, enough she’s clearly a monstrosity, we have to get rid of her! Do you see what she did to the sheep?! What if next time it’s us?”

    “No, Sirus! She didn’t mean too, the peasant’s sheep were an accident. I