Who Am I...

Suzuki, Blind Hybrid

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Suzuki was born in Persistence, happy little child of two mothers. She was adopted by her human mothers. Her hair white as the purest snow and eyes a vibrant cobalt blue with little slit pupils. That was until the fire when she was twelve. Before that she led a happy life as a normal girl on Persistence. But when the fire hit, thankfully neither of her mothers died. It happened out of nowhere- Well- one of her mom’s left the stove on and forgot it. After which caused the loss of Suzuki’s vision. But of course Suzuki easily forgave. She just needed to get used to it. Though luckily she only got out of the fire with a few minor burns aside from the ones on her arms. She had to shield herself so her arms got badly burnt. Left horrid scars that she keeps covered up to this day. And now that she has all of Persistence mapped in her head she is brave enough to join people once again! So here she is mingling with you..

I Believe...

accidents happen, if they weren’t on purpose they are easily forgivable. So don’t judge people off of their accidents. They’re just accidents..