Brant Warson

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Aliases: Project Olympian, Sword of War

Age: 27


Backstory:  Throughout the multiverse, there are various civilizations that rise and fall like the passing of seasons.  Some rise to heights unlike any other and some pass into history with nothing but a whisper.  One civilization rose to prominence that was capable of traversing the realities and established itself as a vast Republic full of wondrous technologies and peoples.  Every new reality they entered was like an adventure filled with hopes and promises for the future.


Unfortunately, such reckless expansion proved to be a mistake.  This civilization was not the only one that had spread through the multiverse.  And they were nowhere near the most powerful.  The Republic was discovered by another civilization, an Empire.  Conflict became inevitable.


To combat this dangerous enemy, the Republic created a program to construct the ultimate soldier.  The culmination of the most powerful examples of enhancement from every reality that they held within their dominion.  Genetic therapies of the highest orders, surgical implants of impossible resilience, technology that seemed almost fantasy, and energy saturation at the purest levels.


Brant Warson was the result of this project.  Originally named only Project Olympian, Brant refused to fight for those that had created him.  They had spent so much time making all of the procedures work together that the Republic scientists had neglected to install some method of controlling their super soldier.  Brant had decided that only he would be allowed to choose who and what he fought for.


Tearing his way out of the lab complexes, Brant stole one of the multiverse travel bracelets and escaped from the Republic worlds.  Having never been taught how to properly use such technology however, Brant was sent to a random reality.  The fail-safes in the device ensured that it would be a world that supported life, but beyond that he had no idea where he might end up.


The world Brant landed in turned out to be a medieval world heavily styled after the Nordic and Viking cultures of Earth.  Surviving such a world was easy enough for the super soldier and he found that he enjoyed the culture, though the local humans figured him to be a Giant of some kind and refused to allow him to settle in a village.  He could not stay forever though.  The Republic would come looking for him to reclaim their experiment someday.  Once the transport device was recharged, Brant activated it again and sent himself through the multiverse.


This time, he landed on Hellifyno.


For a time, Brant enjoyed his stay on this new world.  When a major push for exploration to the rest of the system was being funded by a local corporation, the super soldier saw a chance to make something for himself.  He bartered a ship and formed a crew, ready to build a home for himself out among the stars.  But the son of war forgot the most important thing.  He was not a leader.


No crew showed up.  The ship he bartered destroyed in one of the many wars on the planet.  The space base he founded now unreachable.  Now Brant wanders the city of Persistence aimlessly.  Searching for a purpose.





Super Strength: Brant’s maximum lift and throw capacity is roughly 125 tons.


Super Speed : Brant can run at 120 miles per hour at a full sprint, or half of that in short bursts of speed.


Extreme Durability: Brant’s engineered skeletal, muscular, and dermal structure can withstand over 5 tons of piercing or slashing force, and nearly 15 tons of blunt force, without the use of his nanite enhanced durability.


Spontaneous Durability:  Nanites within Brant’s body , made of the same organo-metallic memory compound as what is bonded to his skeleton, harden in response to trauma, giving him even more durability than his own body is normally capable of.  This ability functions unconsciously and is not perfect.  It can be overcome by sudden increases in the speed of an opponent’s attacks, rendering the nanites too slow to counter before the attack hits.  Brant can consciously activate this ability, but only for certain limbs and only for a few seconds at a time.  Such as for an enhanced punch or blocking an expected attack.



Regeneration: Brant can fully regenerate lost limbs and entire organs in minutes.


Extreme Survivability:  Because of multiple organ redundancies and regeneration, Brant is capable of surviving things that would normally kill even some of the most powerful of beings.  Even his heart is surrounded by an engineered cage of bone to protect this most vulnerable of organs.  This extends to environmental causes of mortal death.  Brant can breathe in atmospheres that would be considered toxic to most all living creatures and can eat almost anything, even dirt, for sustenance.  He has an additional organ near his lungs which passively stores pure oxygen, providing the stored oxygen when Brant is fighting in vacuum and allowing for up to 24 hours of operation at full combat capacity.  His skeleton is bonded with an organometallic memory compound that can regenerate itself alongside the super soldier’s own regeneration, further increasing his durability and realigning bones in the improbable event that they are broken.


Untiring:  Thanks to the implantation of a genetically manufactured organ in the brain that releases bursts of engineered chemicals at carefully timed doses to reset the chemical balance of the mind, Brant is capable of going without sleep indefinitely.  This process is automatic, though Brant can sleep if he still chooses to do so.


Immunity:  Gene constructed organs in Brant’s digestive system as well as certain chemical processes during his creation make him effectively immune to poisons and toxins.


Super-enhanced sight:  Brant is capable of perfect vision in both high and low light levels, has extremely good night vision, and a visual range extending up to 5 miles with near perfect clarity.


Super-enhanced Hearing:  Brant can extend his hearing to near the same level as his visual range, up to 4.5 miles.  He can also consciously filter out and greatly enhance certain sounds well beyond the capabilities of a normal human.  This enhancement also contains a complex internal muscle structure meant to dampen loud noises reflexively before they can cause disorientation.


Super-enhanced taste:  A special organ in Brant’s upper nasal passage allows him to biochemically test anything for toxicity and nutritional content by chewing, tasting, or smelling said substance.  This also allows him to identify subtle odors with three times the effectiveness as the average canine bred for tracking, giving him the ability to track his quarry by taste alone.


Combat Veteran:  Trained from a young age by one of the most skilled combat specialists in the multiverse, Brant is extremely skilled on top of his enhancements.  Ranged, melee, hand to hand, assassination, hunting/tracking, demolitions, and guerrilla warfare.  Only Brant’s instructor has consistently outdone him, however this was before many of his more extreme enhancements.





The Soldier and the Valkyrie

Who Am I...

The Sword born of War

My Appearance

Height: 12ft

Weight: 1050lbs

Brant is broad and defined, his muscle and skeletal systems both designed for warfare.  His features are strong and rather sharp, both due to his genetics and because his metabolism burns body fat away before it can ever truly settle.  Brant’s hair is long, straight, and silver, reaching past his shoulders and framing his face sometimes.  His eyes glow slightly, accenting the unique golden color and slit pupils.  Across his chest is a tribal knot tattoo he received during his stay in a Nordic world.


Rex Machete

A blade made from the jawbone and hide of the Tyrannosaurus Rex brought down in a group hunt.  Though not as strong as Brant himself, the blade has multiple uses and reminds him of the first time he worked with others on Hellifyno.  Despite the blade being nearly four feet long and the handle another foot in length, making the weapon the length of a standard longsword, in Brant’s hand it is more akin to a shortsword or machete.








ThunderHammer Plasma Hand Cannon

A plasma pistol large enough to be considered a rifle in most others hands, this weapon is sized just right for Brant’s much larger form and was bartered from the techsmith known as Himari ThunderHammer.  It fires beams of superheated plasma, can be switched from a concentrated fire mode to a semi-automatic mode, and has an effective range of 300 meters.  In concentrated fire mode, the weapon can sustain a full 60 second continuous beam.  In Semi-automatic mode, it can fire 60 shots.  Once depleted of energy, the weapon is recharged by a small portable pack that takes roughly three hours to restore a full charge.






ThunderHammer JOTUN Mk1

A custom built space suit designed for Brant by his former Chief Engineer, Himari ThunderHammer.  It has a pressure sealed internal atmosphere, gravitic boots, magnetic weapon holsters, an energy shield, and a shoulder mounted heavy weapon all linked to Brant’s nervous system through sensors in the suit.