Victoria Zacian

Intro Video

Who Am I...

A legendary pokemon/ sword fighter/ Reader

Romantic Interests

I'm attracted to girls or femboys mm I don't know there's something about a boy who dresses like a girl just mm hot~

Relationship Status

We I've never been in a relationship before but I'm hoping.

My Story Is...

So you want to know more about me? Well I will tell you..I was born in the forest I didn’t knew my father or mother since they died when I was born the only thing i had was family  heirloom a enchanted sword and shield  but i  was raised by humans who taught me a lot about the world and how everything works and various cultures and species and races I Soon develop a love for sword fighting and a love for well.. Cinderaces..I don’t know but they are the only species I had a thing for.. something about the fitness and athleticism they have mm but anyway I’ve been to many parts of the world and other regions now I settled down in hellifyno.

My Appearance

What I look like now
When younger and in Armor .

Anthro Zacian Pin-up



Magical shield


Magic Sword

My Secrets Are...
  • Excellent sword fighter
  • Hand to hand combatant
  • Magic user
  • Very flexible and agile
  • Is 345 years old
  • Likes going nude
I Believe...

I believe in magic but no religion or politics