Khaira is often holding a friendly and radiant presence. Nearly never going without a smile upon her face. If you need a hug, call her over! There’ll likely be no hesitation.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Father a drunk and mother never able to get on her feet, Khaira was all over the place in her life. Pulling on a strong and happy facade as she bounced from house to house. 


There was always fighting, always screaming. The constant tension always had Khaira on edge. She never felt at home. She never just had a home. 


It hadn’t been the first time he’d laid his hands on her mother. Nor had it been the first she tried to interfere without it going… wrong. And that fact didn’t help with the situation. Little by little, she watched as her parents slipped away, their life fading. As if she could watch it like the sand slipping through an hourglass, and her family tore apart.

My Appearance


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