Sylvie Elisi




Full Name: Sylvie Aura Elisi (Ss-ill-vee | Or-uh | L-ee-seye.)


Nicknames: Sy, Syl, Sylv, V(ie)


Apparent Age: Early twenties.


Sex: Female


Orientation: Straight


Occupation: A healer




Body-type: Slim, slender.


Height: 5’2


Skin: Fair, porcelain.


Hair: Ebony in color, her hair is straight and falls to her mid-back. Occasionally, she may curl it.


Eyes: A stormy grey.


Tattoo’s: One. A crow with its wings outstretched settled between her shoulder blades.


Piercings: Only her ears. 


Scars: There is one that carries from the middle of her rib-cage (left) and twists down towards her stomach. 







Fur: Soft, sleek, short. Black.


Eyes: Blue-flecked, grey.


Markings: None.




Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Opinion of people: The healer doesn’t mind the company of others, however, it really depends on the person. 


Personality: Sylvie can be thought of as odd by certain people, and that is true. She’s a… Unique woman to say the least. Despite this, the woman is friendly and social. While she can be quiet, other times she’ll be the one starting conversation.

She isn’t one to strike a fight, in fact, the woman typically avoids fighting with others. Her abilities have mostly been used for healing, but she does have the ability to use her magic for defense if needed. It is uncommon for Salem not to be with her, the feline is usually kept with her at all times. She adores the lil’ cat.